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Helvete - Bloodsoaked Sweets
This album has definitely been sent to the wrong person. I subscribed to it, because it said “Grind Core” on the Metalrage-admin-thingy. Helvete is from Sweden and since Nasum has an album called Helvete, I thought it might be a great new Grind band. Boy was I wrong!
They call it post-hardcore/sludge themselves. I call it irritating. But this is just a matter of taste. As I said: this album wasn’t send to the right guy…
I like some of the sludge/doom parts of the music, but I’m not a fan of Math Core and I hate Emo, so this music gets on my nerves after a while. Especially the singers, there's three of them and still no variety! Their “emotional” screams annoy the hell out of me after the first verse of the first song.
They’re good musicians and this mini CD sounds very good. So if you do like the styles mentioned above, you’ll like this album and you can probably add 20 points to my score.
What really amazes me is the info with the CD. Apparently the record was sold out by January and the band is working on their first full length, which will be out late summer 2006. So… why am I reviewing this? No one can buy it! Publicity, I guess.
Helvete is very good at what they do, but I’m still waiting for a new Grind Core band from Sweden to blow me away.
Helvete - Bloodsoaked Sweets
60/1001Details dead vibrations industry
Released on Thursday Sep 1st, 2005

Writer @Semen on Thursday Apr 6th, 2006

Tags: #Helvete
Tracklisting 1. amphetamine
2. Hail Hate
3. The Final Rest
4. A swing in opinion
5. Walk like the dead
Line up Mathias SJ Gren: vocals
Martijn Lindqvist: guitar & vocals
Oscar D\'Aubign´┐Ż: guitar & vocals
Tobias Andersson: guitar
Jimmie Oscarsson: bass
Anders Wictorzon: drums