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Low Value - The Language Of Stolen Music
Low Value. Now that’s a cheery name for your band. Apparently the guys had to change their name from No Value because of a Japanese band, but hey, Low beats No, right? This punk-outfit is from Maribor (That’s in Slovenia for our geographically less-inclined readers). The guys claim to play “punk with progressive samples”, although I would rephrase that to “a punk band that can actually play”. The band’s debut album “Language of Stolen Music” has been out for a while, but recently it dropped on the doorstep of the MetalRage Headquarters. Did I ever tell you about this building? It’s a bunker, buried 2 kilometres into the Earth’s crust. Its completely self-contained and has enough food supplies for 30 years. O man, I can tell you amazing stories and anecdotes, but I`ll save that for an other day.
Back to the topic on hand. Low-Value reminds me a bit of Strung Out, mostly up-tempo stuff but unlike most other punk bands, these guys can actually play a riff or two. The tracks are mostly of the uplifting, fast punk type. My favourite is “You Came Into” with its catchy chorus, almost Gotenburg-mid riff and sweet solo. It might be one of the most typical pop-punk songs on this disc but somehow I like it a lot. The track “Low Value” is also a song that will stick in your head after you’re done listening. The thing with punk is that a lot of it is in the same tempo. This is also the case with this band, its seems to be either tempo A or tempo B. A little more variation wouldn’t have hurt. I do love the fact that they aren’t sticking to standard punk 3-chord schemes, if you would down-tune the track “Take Control” you would have a metal song.
Although I do have to say that if the disc had a little better production things would have sounded just that little bit better. Somehow the guitars sound a bit muddy and the drums aren’t really loud in the mix. I also heard some differences in guitar sound but that might be me. Maybe the guys didn’t have that much money to spend; but if they can remix this disc one day it will sure be a better listen!
In the end, “Language Of Stolen Music” is the best punk record I’ve heard out of Slovenia! (not that I ever heard other Slovenian punk bands…) but its well written, well played and it has some great moments. It’s not the most original thing you’ll hear but if Low Value keep on the good work laid down on this disc they’ll sure be one of the bigger punk bands in Europe.
Low Value - The Language Of Stolen Music
77/1001Details independent
Released on Thursday Apr 6th, 2006
Punk Rock

Writer @Carn on Thursday Apr 6th, 2006

Tags: #Low Value
Tracklisting 1. Hole In His Head (2:10)
2. Feces (3:11)
3. Neverending Fall (2:59)
4. Digging (3:50)
5. Tragi´┐Żno Mrtvi (0:44)
6. Where Are You Headed (5:31)
7. Low Value (2:23)
8. Found My Way (2:36)
9. Take Control (3:51)
10. You Came Into (3:23)
11. Paranoia (2:23)
12. Absolutely Great (2:19)
Line up Jernej Bervar - guitar
Matej Kosmacin - bass, vocal
Tomaz Medvar - drums
Pinky - guitar