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Blind Trash - Recover Your Spirit
Blind Trash is a five headed band from the Netherlands, Tilburg. They say they play emotional rock which made me subscribe for this album. What should we imagine when a band says they play emotional rock? That they cry constantly when they play? That they have bad childhood memories where they sing about …crying? Or are they all like Enrico Iglesias... but then with an instrument? Well..I am about to find out…

First the artwork. It’s a sort of combination of oldskool with popart. It gives me a hardcore impression, especially when the band is named Blind Trash. But I know they’re not.

Recover Your Spirit is their second full length-album. They had their debut in 2004 with To Mention One Thing. They recorded and produced their debut all by them selves. It had positive reviews by different magazines like Aardschok, LiveXS and others. Not sure if they recorded and produced this album the same way but it sounds pretty good.

Their music is kind of raw. It’s pretty rocky and does have influences from different kinds of metal. It also does contain the melodic parts which I like. The emotional part though, is a bit overdone. The only emotional thing I can find is in the vocals. Well, a lot of bands call themselves ‘emo’ when they play melodic rock/metal combined with more rougher parts and of course the ‘emotional’ thing (mostly put in the vocals). Blind Trash doesn’t make emo and that’s why the description ‘melodic rock’ is quite okay. But they should leave ‘emotional’ out of it. It makes it sound like sissy shit, which they are not.

The songs are not that catchy and don’t sound very exclusive. Still it’s worked out fine. It just got enough variation. In the particulary songs, but also in total. ‘Defense, Defense’ is really groovy when ‘When Oceans Catch Fire’ got more core in it. ‘Tremens’ got a bit nu-metal in it. They combined two guitar parts pretty cool in that song.

The last thing that I’d like to say, and I apologize to Roelof (vocals), is that the vocals can and should be improved. The clean parts get a bit boring after a while, when the screaming parts are quite good. A bit more variation in singing chords/lines would be nice. Musically they’ve done well but in total it can be improved here and there. Still, when I listen to this album I can imagine that they rock on stage. Cause it is powerful and does contain a lot of energy.

Blind Trash, good luck and maybe we’ll meet once.

Blind Trash - Recover Your Spirit
65/1001Details Independent
Released on Sunday Mar 26th, 2006
melodic (emotional) rock

Writer @Maurits on Saturday Apr 8th, 2006

Tags: #Blind Trash
Tracklisting 1) When Oceans Catch Fire
2) One-way Trip To A Heartbreak
3) Where The Heart Is
4) Sell The Pass
5) Delerium Tremens
6) Silently Suffering
7) Defence! Defence!
8) 37 Nerve-racking Days
9) Man Down
10)Can We Have This Dance
Line up Roelof de Brouwer - Vocals
Nicolas Hamel - Drums
Simon Rood - Guitar
Jorden de Wolff - Guitar
Jozua Zaagman - Bass