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Surrender Of Divinity - Manifest Blasphemy
Black metal is certainly not my thing. But if it’s made in Malaysia I need to check that out, something like that doesn’t drop in Metalrage’s mailbox everyday. And who knows, perhaps I can get into it!
Well I was being overoptimistic at that time I have to say, because this shit sucks! The recording is horrible, the riffs are horrible, the vocals suck major buttplug, and I think it isn’t even recorded tight occasionally. Words like yuk, bluh, pffff and aaaaaaaaah come to mind when auditing this utter garbage.
Perhaps it’s just me not understanding the underground black metal sound or something, but this really sounds like crap. There is absolutely no balance or connection between the recorded instruments, so you never can really get into it. Add up the fact that there was only one riff that sounded remotely interesting to me and you know what a great time I had listening to S.O.D. Thank heaven that they’ve signed a two album deal with From Beyond Productions, so we can expect another pile of elephantpoop not too long from now.
I guess this is for fans of crappy recorded underground black metal only, so y’all climb out of your torture-dungeons/cellars and participate in the unholy quest for this Satanic piece of whatever you want to call it. Bluh!
Surrender Of Divinity - Manifest Blasphemy
30/1001Details From Beyond Productions
Released on Tuesday Mar 28th, 2006
black metal

Writer @DemonDust on Monday Apr 10th, 2006

Tags: #Surrender Of Divinity
Tracklisting 1. Manifest Blasphemy
2. Consecration Of The Heathen Messiah
3. Deglorification Of The Dogs
4. Prophetic Tales Of Armageddon
5. Satanic Storm
6. Rise Of The Possessed Ones
666. Unapocalyptic Catharsis
Line up Abaejee – 4 strings horns of blasphemy and infernal vomits
Whathayakorn – 666 strings wings of the goatlord
Xulaynus – conqueror of the necro battery