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Lucy's Doll - Formula For Hate
I'm going to be brief with this one. Lucy's Doll are an "alternative metal" band from Australia. They claim to be ready to conquer Europe. Well, keep dreaming. Listening to this disc was a serious task.
The bio reads "technical drumming" (I guess anything is technical in that part of Australia), and vocals that are better than Rob Flynn. Well sure! I happen to know a cheese maker in Hoboken named Roberto Flynn and well, he's deaf. And well I have to admit it, this Brenden fellow sings better than him allright. But on the other hand, Brenden can't sing at all. Throughout the album he makes hilarious screams and sounds a bit like my Poodle named 'Beffie'. It's god awfull. The way he sings reminds me of someone who wants to sound like Corey Taylor. You know, that dude in the band with the masks that never really got the hang of singing on a brutal scale, and therefor started a post-grunge band to do what he does best: moaning in a nasal tone. And this guy payed attention, cause at song 8 he starts moaning the Stone Sour way (minus talent). But compared to Brenden, Corey Taylor sounds like Chuck from Testament.
The songwriting is anything but interesting, it's a bit like 90% of the teenage metal demo's we heard in the Netherlands. A mixture of crap, with some stolen riffs (or just plain "wow, I just hit a string and it sounded really cool!") shit vocals and more shit to top it off. Song writing is completely forgettable, and the mix (as far as there even is a mix) is sloppy, and amateuristic. No really, even I would do a better job. This album is cliché and annoying. Nothing more, nothing less.
Why so harsh? I'd reply: Why such arrogance in the bio? A tip for these Aussies: buy a Machine Head album, you'd might be able to hear what Rob Flynn actually sounds like. Lucy's Doll ain't going nowhere at all.
Lucy's Doll - Formula For Hate
30/1001Details Twilight-Vetrieb
Released on Friday Apr 21st, 2006

Writer @Lex on Tuesday Apr 11th, 2006

Tags: #Lucy\'s Doll
Tracklisting 01 Collapsing Angles
02 Not Screaming, Whispering
03 What do you think of me now
04 Fighting with the dead
05 Lost and cold
06 Contaminate
07 From these hands
08 Fortune favours noone
09 Severed
10 You won\'t bring me down
11 Want to be
Line up Brenden: Guitar and vocals
Wes: Bass, backing vocals
Treen: Drums