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Saves The Day - Sound The Alarm
About two and a half year ago Saves the Day was on the edge of a breakthrough. They had toured with Green Day, Weezer, Dashboard Confession and Blink 182 and sold over half a million records. After releasing their fourth album “In Reverie” their major label quit and the contract went over to a bigger major who didn’t want to continue with Saves the Day. Nowadays Saves The Day are back with their old label Vagrant where it all started many years ago.
Sound the alarm is already the fifth album of these New Jersey based rockers. The album starts with the song Head for the hills which is a nice up tempo song with a recognizable chorus. The follow up song “The End” is also the first single of the album and is also my personal favourite on this album. “Shattered” which is the third song the album is a simple straight forward punk rock song with a lack of own identity. The fourth and fifth track on this album (“Eulogy and “Dying Day”) are two more great songs that easily could have been on a Green Day record. But as we've seen before on this album after every two good songs there comes another completely boring song. 

The next great song is “Say you’ll never leave” which is already the seventh song on this album. After this song it’s over with the great songs and the record dies a slowly death. The quality of the songs eight till thirteen are far below the rest of the record. But the song “I don’t know why” does it all, I just can’t believe someone could put this on a record. It’s a song that starts with a quiet piano intro that goes on halfway through the song, then some drums are added and that’s it. All the way you’re expecting a breakdown or something like that but it never comes and the song ends quite the same as it started.
With the last song “hell is here” of this album Saves The Day tries to save the record but the damage is already been done.
As far as I see it, Saves The Day are capable of writing great songs, but also capable of writing boring songs with a lack of own identity and inspiration. There are some great songs on the album (“The End”, “Eulogy”, “Dying Day”, Say You’ll Never Leave”), but also some really boring songs (“I Don’t Know Why, Bones, Sound The Alarm”). So I’ve been left behind with mixed feelings because I believe Saves The Day could do a better job.
Sound The Alarm is an album which contains some really great songs, but overall I’m not completely impressed. The albums playtime is half an hour which is a bit short but on the contrary I’m not quite screaming for more.
Saves The Day - Sound The Alarm
70/1001Details Vagrant Records
Released on Tuesday Apr 11th, 2006
Punk/ emo/ alternative rock

Writer @Niamen on Monday Apr 17th, 2006

Tags: #Saves The Day
Tracklisting 1. Head For The Hills
2. The End
3. Shattered
4. Eulogy
5. Dying Day
6. 34
7. Say You\'ll Never Leave
8. Diseased
9. Don\'t Know Why
10. Sound The Alarm
11. Bones
12. Delusional
13. Hell Is Here
Line up Chris Conley - Vocals/Guitar
David Soloway - Guitar
Manuel Ragoonanan Carrero - Bass
David Parada - Drums