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Champion / Betrayed - Split
This split EP combines 3 brand new exclusive songs from hardcore band Champion, with 3 new songs from a pretty new hardcore band, called Betrayed. Betrayed features 2 members of Champion and 2 members of Carry On. Both bands play fast, yet melodic hardcore in the vein of Chain Of Strength and Carry On, though both bands complement each other with different departures from the same traditional sound.
The first 3 songs on this disc are from a band called Champion. It all starts with a nice build up to the actual song but when that song has actually started I feel like I’m missing some logical structure in the first song. It’s a bit chaotic. The good thing though, is the tempo in the song. It’s played pretty damn fast and that makes you move, even though you don’t feel like moving too much. The second and third track are more like Red Tape (rip-offs). It’s actually a kind of hardcore/punk with some metal influences. Definitely nice but not really special. Well…what else could I say? Let’s say this is probably a band I’d like to see live instead of hearing them on a disc. (65/100)
Then the second band on this disc starts, Betrayed. To be honest this sounds very much alike. Though, there’s some more melodic guitar parts in the music, which I definitely appreciate. It just gives the songs something extra. Something you’ll pay attention to. The best song on this split demo must be ‘Consequence’. An up-tempo hardcore/punk song with some very catchy ‘Consequence! Consequence!’ sing-along parts. Good job! All in all Betrayed has been able to convince a little bit more than their fellows of Champion. But then again, don’t expect anything special when you check out this disc. (70/100)
Champion / Betrayed - Split
62/1001Details Rivalry Records
Released on Saturday Apr 1st, 2006

Writer @Boek on Tuesday Apr 18th, 2006

Tags: #Champion / Betrayed
Tracklisting 1. Champion - Now Is The Time (2:32)
2. Champion - Break Through (1:33)
3. Champion - What Will It Take? (3:07)
4. Betrayed - What You Have Left (2:32)
5. Betrayed - Consequence (1:47)
6. Betrayed - Bring It To Life (3:04)
Line up Champion:
Jim Hesketh
Chris Williams
Todd Preboski
Aram Arslanian
Andy Norton

Todd Jones
Aram Arslanian
Greg Bacon
Todd Preboski