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Mondo Generator - A Drug Problem That Never Existed
[b]Ipecac, home of the rock n roll misfits. Mister Patton's label has served us some bizarre shit, like his own bands Tomahawk and Fantomas, or The Dillenger Escape Plan. Now their latest release is once again, erm... different than the rest. It's Queens Of The Stone Age singer/bass player Nick Oliveri's side project Mondo Generator. Their second album sounds... erm.. different. Here we go.[/b] First of all let me state that I find it hard to critise any Queens Of The Stone Age or Oliveri offspring. For I Am in the understanding that the Queens are one of the finest bands we have around at this point in history, and well, you just gotta love Nick Oliveri's beard. So I will try as hard as possible to give this one an objective review. So a Nick Oliveri side project, what does that sound like? Well. First of all, quite a lot like Queens Of The Stone Age if Oliveri was calling the shots. It's extremely groovy, filled with happy rythems (that tap your foot stuff), sickening Oliveri SCREAM (WRUAAARRLL), and loud roaring guitars. Ok so now you still have no idea what it sounds like. It's...erm... weird. I can't say to much about it, really. It's a collection of typical songs that only Nick Oliveri could have written, and if you don't like Josh Homme's Desert Sessions, or any Queens Of The Stone Age related work, you will not enjoy this drug fuelled noise. It's songs, no doubt, but you won't be able to sing along with it. It's music, but in a uncomfortable shape. It's happy stuff, but will make you depressed as fuck. Nick's voice rules, but he sucks as a singer on this record. This must be the worst review ever. But you go and listen to A Drug Problem That Never Existed, and you try it. It's hard. Hell it's soft. Huh? I give up. Let's just say that you have to be a REAL qotsa freak to be able to enjoy this (as you've noticed) impossible to describe music. Fucking weird stuff. I enjoy it, but somehow I just can't bring myself to listen to the whole thing beginning to end. It's groovy depressed rock n roll for the doped up generation x rockers. And I'm dissapointed with myself that I'm not like that. Damn I wish I was on drugs...
Mondo Generator - A Drug Problem That Never Existed
60/1001Details Ipecac
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Lex on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Mondo Generator
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