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Bullet Union - Ruin's Domino
Underground indierock is appealing to me more and more, as long as I don’t have to listen to it too often. The mainstream stuff has overflowed my ears already, and is in 90 percent no fun to listen to anymore. Fortunately there are some exceptions, and fortunately there are some small underground bands that still manage to give an original twist to the music. Here’s one of them.
Bullet Union has found a way to more or less create indie soundscapes combined with the catchy riffs. I have great problems with getting an accurate description for what these guys do, and I had to listen to this album quite often, but I consider that to be pretty accurate. It’s more rhythmical than most indie and has more parts that make your mind wander off. Part of that is to blame on the distinct guitar sound this band has, it sounds a bit like surf-indie or so, yeah you figure it out.
These dudes wrote indie, punkrock and hardcore down as their styles and that applies quite well. But it’s thrown together in a System of a Down kind of way which I can definitely appreciate. To be honest the music makes such an impression on me that I hardly listen to the vocals anymore, but I’d say they’re a combination of screamy punkrock with emo singing.
The production isn’t that great, especially with the hectic parts it gets a bit tricky to decipher what exactly is happening on the guitars. But in the slower tracks, that I’d name post-indie or something it works just fine. It gives the music a bit of an epic touch line in the instrumental “Sant Feliu”.
Well to conclude this, I must say that this band delivers more than one pleasant surprise and shows it has quite some potential in interesting songwriting. But I’d still say you’ve got to hear this to make up your own opinion about this weird combination of styles. I’m quite sure this band is just a tad too noisy to actually make it into the charts, but I guess that’s why I dig them so much. Indie, for the more wild boys ‘n girls.
Bullet Union - Ruin's Domino
78/1001Details Jealous Records
Released on Saturday Apr 1st, 2006

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Apr 20th, 2006

Tags: #Bullet Union
Tracklisting 1. Yakyakyak you’re fired!
2. Ten Pence Piece
3. Viking!
4. Close Circuit
5. Three Cherries Straight
6. Robin… I’ll Be Back In Five Minutes
7. Sant Feliu
8. Stay Indie, Don’t Be A Hater
9. I Don’t Like Who You’re Hanging Out With
Line up Robin Christian - drums
Jodie Cox - guitar, vocals
Kay Ishikawa - bass
Paul Symes - guitar