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Tenebrosus - The Fall Of Worthless Morals
[img][/img] Tenebrosus was formed in the year 2000 in Poland. They decided to play Norwegian based Black metal. However they have changed that now. In 2001 they�ve brought out a promo which was well received in Poland. Now, in the year 2003 they have brought out their first full length album: The Fall Of Worthless Morals. There are many albums that start the way like this one. That means a dark classical intro which is to bring tension into the listeners. When finally In The Name Of Christ! begins, it�s like an inferno upon a dry wasteland. Fast drumwork and sick guitar/bass work. Worm Tongue has a great voice and fills in quite well. The lyrics are quite standard with the strong Anti-Christian taint in it. When I listened to this album it wasn�t hard to draw the parallel with a band like Behemoth. The strong drumwork reminds me of Behemoth in several ways. Well, what can I say about this album then. It�s a strong album with fine songs. If you are into fast and powerful black metal with a taint of Death metal in it, you�ll certainly be pleased by this album. Listen to tracks like: Crucify, Purifying Flames and The True Ending for some deafening noise. If Tenebrosus can produce the same amount of noise when they play live, then I see a nice future for them. Track Listing: 1: Gathering Of The Forces Of Evil 2: In The Name Of Christ! 3: The True Ending 4: The Seed Of Truth 5: Red Tears On The Face Of Saviour 6: Crucify 7: Veins Of The Nightsky 8: Purifying Flames 9: New Age Will Come 10: The Fallen Arrive Line Up: Guitars � Valefor Vocals � Worm Tongue Bass � M Drums � Hades
Tenebrosus - The Fall Of Worthless Morals
78/1001Details Metal Mind
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Mat-Core on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Tenebrosus
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