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Sworn Enemy - The Beginning Of The End
Sworn Enemy? Isn’t that a band from New York who made a semi-ok hardcore record called “As Real as It Gets”? To quote guitarist Lorenzo Antonucci: "Our last album was totally rushed. Elektra threw us into the studio. We were still writing songs while tracking. 'The Beginning of the End' doesn't even compare with our last one. This record surpasses anything Sworn Enemy has ever done with flying colors," Alright, that sounds promising. The fact that Mr. Antonucci is a big thrashmetal fan just puts some more icing on the cake of anticipation.
The only thing I ever heard of Sworn Enemy was some typical hardcore material so I was very pleasantly surprised when I put ‘The Beginning of the End’ into the cd-player and the track ‘Forgotten’ kicked in:
“Hey, this a pretty damn cool riff”
“Check out those double-bass drums”
“Wow, these are basically thrashmetal vocals”
There you have it, ladies and gentlemen, a modern day thrash-metal record with some hardcore influences. Sworn Enemy puts the “metal” back in the metalcore with this record. The intro of ‘Scared of the Unknown’ might be a bit to Metallica-ish but this track has more metal in it than Lars Ulrich’s trashcan snaredrum. The hardcore is still there with some typical-but-well-executed breakdowns and shouted vocals, but these guys know how to riff. Tracks like ‘Here Today’ just make you want to put those horns up and bang some head. Or mosh into the guy next to you; whatever you prefer.
I’m not going to spend too many words about this record; its just quality metal which should be loved by old-school thrashers and xHardcorekidSx. Vocalist Sal Lococo sings “Here Today Gone Tomorrow”, but fortunatly he isn’t talking about his band.
Sworn Enemy - The Beginning Of The End
83/1001Details Abacus
Released on Tuesday May 2nd, 2006

Writer @Carn on Tuesday Apr 25th, 2006

Tags: #Sworn Enemy
Tracklisting 1. Forgotten (2:44)
2. Scared Of The Unknown (3:40)
3. The Beginning Of The End (3:20)
4. Save Your Breath (4:06)
5. Absorb The Lies (3:16)
6. All I Have (3:38)
7. We Hate (2:57)
8. No Second Chances (2:09)
9. After The Fall (2:53)
10. Here Today (3:35)
11. Weight Of The World (16:51)
Line up Sal Lococo - vocals
Edward Kilpatrick - bass
Lorenzo Antonucci - guitar
Paul Antignai - drums
Jamin Hunt - guitar
Sworn Enemy - Prepare for total world domination
Sworn Enemy - Prepare for total world domination