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Liva - Requiem
Sometimes I feel obligated to review a band in a genre that I don’t like personally. Now I don’t necessarily want to label this as gothic, but it’s probably the most suitable term. And people that know me, know that I absolutely detest gothic. Still, I think I can make a decent review for this quite talented band.
The reason I don’t want to label this as gothic is because of the fact that there are a whole lot more metal genres packed on this disc. Thrash metal, black/death metal, power metal, a whole lot of classical metal and, of course, gothic. So musically it’s safe to say it’s pretty diverse. But then again, the distinct female vocals are present, as well as the evil grunts. But this guy also manages to throw in some decent clean vocals as well. So we have three vocal approaches and guess what, they’re both singing in Latin!
About the music itself then; it’s all composed by Pier Carlo Liva, who did a splendid job I must say. He really managed to create a whole with all those musical styles, and even surprised me at times while listening to the album. After a few tracks I don’t really appreciate it anymore, but that’s probably due to the fact that it’s not my type of metal. The use of a viola (classical and electric) gives it a different touch as well. I certainly prefer over those eternal keyboards anytime, in a gothic band that is.
They show to be pretty skilled as well in the video that comes as an extra on this disc. There they play with quite some members of a symphonic orchestra, who are also more than capable to play the faster metal parts along with them. Thrash metal is actually quite fun on for instance a cello or a violin.
The only thing I can’t be too happy about is the production. The mix is a bit off here and there, especially the bass guitar isn’t blended in that well. But I guess the true fan of this genre won’t be bothered too much by that fact. Gothics and/or fans of high female vocals check this out!
Liva - Requiem
79/1001Details Independant / Hardebaran
Released on Tuesday Oct 1st, 2002

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Apr 27th, 2006

Tags: #Liva
Tracklisting 1. Kyrie
2. Dies Irae
3. Tuba Mirum
4. Rex Tremendae
5. Recordare
6. Confutatis
7. Lacrymosa
8. Domine Jesu
9. Hostias
10. Sanctus
11. Agnus Dei
Line up Pier Carlo Liva- composition, guitar, vocals
Catherine Elvira Chartier – viola, electric viola, vocals
S´┐Żbastien Breton – drums
Simon Roy-Boucher – bass