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Sinai Beach - When Breath Escapes
Beatdown moshparts, agonizing screams, and a crow on the album’s sleeve. That pretty much gives away that this is hard/metalcore I guess. Let’s see if it’s decent quality then.
Well, yes and no I could say to that. Musically there is nothing wrong with this metalcore. I like the faster thrashy parts and the beatdowns really get me moving. I literally can’t sit still when I hear one of those. Even though they’re operating in a thirteen-in-a-dozen genre, I think the music is really catchy.
The screams that come out of mister CJ’s mouth are very convincing, as well as terribly agonizing, a perfect fit for a hardcore band.
But why would I say no then? Well, first of all, mister CJ tries to throw in some emo vocals very occasionally, but they raise the hair in the back of my neck (especially in the track ‘Of A Man’). Not all of them are horrible, but I can’t stand ‘em, and I get the feeling like they’re trying to tag along with the hype everyone’s into lately; giving the audience a rest with an emo part. Fuck that! Bash their faces in!
Secondly, the production is not at such a great level, and by that I mean it doesn’t sound like a whole to me every now and then. But since that is quite normal in this scene, I guess I shouldn’t talk about that too long.
To be honest, I listened to this one quite a lot, simply because it’s hard to find unique characteristics with bands in this genre. But I must say that this one thrives very well on it’s aggressive parts. The beatdowns and thrash part make this album worthwhile to listen to.
Sinai Beach - When Breath Escapes
77/1001Details Victory Records
Released on Thursday Apr 27th, 2006

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Apr 27th, 2006

Tags: #Sinai Beach
Tracklisting 1. Candice
2. Man Or Animal?
3. Never Say Never
4. Of A Man
5. Vile
6. My Gun Your Bullets
7. True/False
8. Humanity
9. Awakening Of The Forgotten
10. When Breath Escapes
Line up CJ – vocals
Logan – guitar
Mike D – drums
Jeff – bass
Mike R – guitar