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Family Force 5 - Business Up Front/party In The Back
Oh dear. Hip looks, Glam-logos, nicknames for bandmembers. When I first saw pictures of these guys all my “hype machine” alarms went off. Good thing that I still listen to the CDs I got sent. Family Force 5 (FF5 for short) play a kind of modern rock that you have heard before. Think a bit of Linkin Park, Hed PE, Kid Rock, but also older stuff like Rage a/t Machine and even the Beastie Boys. If you cannot appreciate this kind of thing I suggest that you put on your favourite Nile record and sing along about pyramids and shit.

Lyrics like “Hold up wait a minute put a little love in it”, “Ugly people put your hands down” and “My momma raised me in the dirty south, a country gentlemen” pretty much set the tone for this record. If you look at the videos these guys are putting out you’re seeing choreographed moves, bad poses and hip outfits. It's very not true or grim. But really, if you hear a track like ‘Cadillac Phunque’ (notice the hip spelling!) on the radio, I bet you consider it a damn groovy rock track. The band utilizes enough catchy riffs, sing along vocals and samples to make every track a single. I don’t think that I should look for a deeper message besides just being able to nod my head along these tracks, and just shake that ass (did I really just say that) on the for example almost hiphop-ish track ‘Supersonic’.

So yeah, is it a bit overdone? Is it a bit cliché? Is it “commercial” and will it do great on radio and TV? Definitely yes. Is it bad music? Definitely no. I can already tell you that this band will be hated for what they are doing (omg omg sellouts poprock omg!) but I’m pretty sure that if you play this record on a party that you will get a crowd moving, and I think that’s all these guys want.
Family Force 5 - Business Up Front/party In The Back
81/1001Details Maverick
Released on Tuesday May 2nd, 2006

Writer @Carn on Thursday Apr 27th, 2006

Tags: #Family Force 5
Tracklisting 1. Cadillac Phunque (3:28)
2. Kountry Gentleman (3:23)
3. X-girlfriend (3:39)
4. Drama Queen (3:51)
5. Pur Ur Hands Up (4:21)
6. Love Addict (2:53)
7. Earthquake (3:06)
8. Replace Me (3:35)
9. Lose Urself (3:10)
10. Peachy (3:46)
11. Supersonic (3:08)
12. Numb (3:11)
Line up (I copy pasted this, so don\'t blame my writing skills)

Soul Glow Activator:
aka Solomon Olds - Lead Vocals, guitar, dancin\', keys, and whutnot!

aka Jacob Olds - Lead Vocals, drums, hair flippin\', noise jargen, and fried grits!

aka Joshua Olds - Background Vocals, bass, stage divin\', violent dancer, The Centipede!

Currin - DJ, percussion, keytar,cabasa killin\', beat maka!

Chap Stique:
aka Derek Mount - Guitar, rock fists, high fives, water spitting, strength projecting, \'80\'s pinch harmonics and snakeskin boots