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Runic - Liar Flags
I’ve never heard Spain had Vikings. Perhaps the Spaniards have been slaughtered by brutal Vikings. That is the only link that comes up in my mind that seems to be logical. Curious as I am I was very eager to find out if the Spaniards of Runic can create some nice Scandinavian Viking metal.
Like I said in the intro, Runic has Spanish roots and makes Viking metal. But does it really sound like the bands from the colder regions? Well I have to say Runic did a nice job. When I close my eyes I really can imagine the ancient battles and the journeys in the drakkars. The melodies vary from strong battle like themes to more jolly, folk like parts. Nice old instruments have been used, and it also includes some nice ‘Bodom’ like keyboard solo’s. There are also lots of heavy metal passages with some nice heavy metal guitar solo’s. So it is a little more than the Viking and folk metal bands I know like Thyrfing , Amon Amarth, Bathory or Månegarm.
I really like the vocals, they are raw and aggressive. They don’t get boring because the vocalist varies from screams to deep grunts. But you won’t hear any clean vocals. Choirs and some female vocals are used as well.
The album is mainly up-tempo. The production is very good and the songs are well written.
I really like the song ‘Lost Empire’. It has a very nice intro and the song has this really strong, powerful, and also sinister atmosphere.
Although I can’t say the music is very original, Runic did a very good job. The band members must have listened a lot to their genre, because it really gives the same feeling like their Scandinavian colleagues. Fans of this genre really will like this Mediterranean Viking metal I suppose.
Runic - Liar Flags
80/1001Details Massacre Records
Released on Friday Mar 24th, 2006
Viking / folk metal

Writer @Arcane on Monday May 1st, 2006

Tags: #Runic
Tracklisting 1. ...When the Demons Ride
2. Liar Flags
3. Last Days of Aghrapur part 1: Ambush
4. Last Days of Aghrapur part 2: Lost Empire
5. Predecessor
6. To the Fallen Ones
7. Vs. Myself
8. Nau
9. And a New Journey Begins...
Line up Juan – vocals
Eneas - keyboards
Rivas - drums
Jose - guitar
Iban – guitar
Mira - bass
Fran – bagpipes