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Te-Deum - Rearranged
Refreshing and intoxicating, brutal and overwhelming and, last but not least, characterized by an enjoyable catchiness, the music of Te-Deum captures the ear. The band’s tunes are highly kindred to music genres like New Rock and Nu-Metal. Unmistakably, the musicians’ roots dig deep into the era of Melodic Rock. Hooks that wind you up, refrains you want to sing along with and powerful riffs; Te-Deum stands for pure Nu Melodic Rock!
I couldn’t agree more with this! Somehow I feel like I don’t even need to add anything more to this short story. Though, that would be a bit weird and therefore I’ll add a bit more. 
First of all I’d like to mention the fact that Te-Deum makes rock music like rock music is supposed to be. Catchy as hell, powerful yet melodic, brutal yet fragile. The heavier parts are referring to nu-metal but definitely not in an annoying way. The guys in this band are absolutely genius when it comes to combining the right dose of nu-metal with their magnificent melodic rock. 
This music makes you move, it sticks in your head after listening to this album only 2 times and it makes me happy. All the instruments are clearly present and the vocals and backing vocals fit each other perfect! This is one of those discs that will be present in my CD-player more than once. 
After some awesome metalcore bands, Germany now has given birth to an absolutely great Nu Melodic Rock-band. Te-Deum is their name, be sure to check ‘em out if you’re into rock-oriented bands like Seether or Open Hand.
Te-Deum - Rearranged
78/1001Details Limited Access Records / Hardebaran
Released on Wednesday May 10th, 2006
Nu Melodic Rock

Writer @Boek on Tuesday May 2nd, 2006

Tags: #Te-Deum
Tracklisting 01. You Knew
02. Reliesession
03. Never
04. Recently
05. Life Started
06. Who Am I
07. Don\'t
08. Trust
09. The Both Of Us
10. Confidence
11. Time And Time
12. Any Other Day
13. Just In Time
14. Fight Back
Line up Joachim Fiebig
Michael Schmitt
Dieter Ehret
Heiko Sogl
Thorben Kurz
Volker Funk