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Head Control System - Murder Nature
The name of Kristoffer Rygg (aka Garm or Trickster G) should be a familiar name for most metalfans. Being a founding member of the loved and (hated) Ulver and also having lent his voice to Arcturus and Borknagar you can say that “he has been around”. Uncle Garm hooked up with Daniel F. Cardoso (ex-Sirius, Re:actor) after hearing some stuff of Cardosos solo project called SinDromE. The end result is a “band” called Head Control System; with the Portugal based Cardoso playing all the instruments and Norway-based Garm doing the vocals. Their first album is called “Murder Nature” and has a fancy cover a girl licking a knife. Lets go!
HCS play an eclectic (yes, I just used that word for the sake of using it) mix of modern rock with atmospheric but also metal-ish influences. Cardoso’s drumming and guitar work is just outstanding, with tasteful rhythmic trickery but also a great groove and feel. Check out the badass drumfill in “Baby Blue” or his tasty guitarlead at the end of “Watergate”.  One could describe his playing as some form of progressive modern rock, but I would just call it damn good rock songs with, for a change, technically proficient playing. Garm’s vocals give this album a flavour of its own because the man has one of the most identifiable throats in the nice music world we live in. He might not have the broadest range but I can’t name anyone else who has his tone. Tracks like “Skin Flick” could be a textbook example of a great tune which wouldn’t do bad on radio with its catchy chorus. “Masterpiece [of Art]” combines the previous with some fancy Meshuggah-like drumming on the end, while “Kill Me” is a 2 minute atmospheric piece that could have fit on the latest The Gathering.
Personally I like this album a lot because I’m just a big Garm fan in general; a song with him on it automatically gets my approval. Its sad, but that’s just me. Not every track on this disc is as great as the other, but I doubt if anyone can say that this disc contains a bad song. If you like your rock thought out, technical proficient but without progressive overload of shredding, definitely give these two guys a chance.
Head Control System - Murder Nature
81/1001Details The End Records
Released on Tuesday Apr 4th, 2006
Rock / Metal

Writer @Carn on Tuesday May 2nd, 2006

Tags: #Head Control System
Tracklisting 1. Baby Blue (6:37)
2. Skin Flick (4:23)
3. Masterpiece [of Art] (3:34)
4. Blunt Instrumental (3:48)
5. It Hurts (4:00)
6. Watergate (3:40)
7. Seven (4:00)
8. Kill Me (2:07)
9. Wonderworld (3:38)
10. Rapid Eye Movement (4:48)
11. Falling On Sleep (4:45)
Line up Kristoffer Rygg - Vocals
Daniel Cardoso - Drums, Guitars, Bass, Production