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Arcadia - Fracture Concrete
Born in 2000 in Italy, Arcadia was formed as a kind of an all star band, with musicians from all over the country. After the debut ‘Synth’, now comes the follow-up ‘Fracture Concrete’.
I had never heard of this band, but their sound appealed to me quite a lot. A sort of nu-metalish foundation, upgraded with a slight mathcore-like touch. I started out as a nu-metal kid, and now I’m very much into rhythmical stuff, you do the math.
Well that description gives you a good idea what it should sound like, but I can’t really mention a band to compare this one to. It’s just a very good cocktail of a lot of influential bands. The production still sounds underground, but not at a level where it gets irritating. More like nice ‘n raw I’d say.
A nice thing is that there are some nice samples woven throughout the album, it gives a little more dimension. The guitarists really work great together and the drum makes sure everything sounds as a whole, especially when odd timing is being used this dude makes sure the tracks still flow. Great songwriting in progress on this ‘Fracture Concrete’ record I tell ya!
The only thing I have something to say about are the vocals. Beside varying tremendously much, he does some emo vocals every now and then that really annoy me. Thank god they’re very limited, because this dude throws out quite some interesting screams.
Oh yeah, the disc starts out with the intro dubbed ‘Drop’, which consists of 25 seconds of hearing a drop of water fall, don’t do shit like that. It doesn’t add anything to the album.
This disc has made me quite curious about how these guys sound live, but as their bio guarantees me they have many upcoming gigs in Europe, so it’s bound to happen sometime. Soon I hope!
Arcadia - Fracture Concrete
85/1001Details independant
Released on Saturday Jan 1st, 2005

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday May 3rd, 2006

Tags: #Arcadia
Tracklisting 1. Drop
2. Angelbitch
3. Prozac Generation
4. Seven7een B3low
5. Fragile
6. Net Realm
7. Deviated
8. Mi Sangre
9. Sick Sick Sick
10. Join A New Pain
11. Zero & Less
12. …Et In Arcadia Ego
Line up Demetrio Scopelliti - Guitar
Alberto Rudoni - Guitar
Marco Mastrobuono - Bass
Michele Nocentini - Vocals
Edoardo Nicodemo - Drums