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Maledicta - Eruption From Insides
Another band from Italy that has joined Hardebaran Management? That claims to be experimenting a lot too? Okay, there must be a metal boom over there lately, which is great! More metal, more fun! Lets see where this bands leads us to.
The exact description in the bio is unconventional extreme metal. Extreme doesn’t mean fast for a change by the way. Unconventional it is quite a lot. Keyboards play an important role, and the vocals sound very black metal (most of the time), but the music is much more complicated that that genre. To be honest, I think this vocal approach isn’t what I would have used with this music, but then again I’m not in this band. I just don’t like it, and not even the occasional female vocals can save that.
The music zigzags from left to right to all sorts of directions. Fast, slow, harsh, relaxing, at first I found that interesting but later it appeared that due to these compositions no riffs really stick in my head. The only thing that sticks are the keyboards, probably because when a tune is played on that thing, it’s heard undeniably. The production is pretty good for all the instruments for that matter.
I must say that the drummer deserves the most credit on this album. He is able to tightly follow all those ‘unconventional’ riffs and produces quite some bass double bass rhythms.
I don’t know, perhaps it’s because it’s so unconventional but I find this band quite disturbing to listen to. It kind of feels like you’re being thrown out in the ocean and you need to find your way back yourself, even after a couple times of listening to it. And that’s not how I like my metalbands, no sir!
Maledicta - Eruption From Insides
50/1001Details independant/hardebaran
Released on Monday Apr 10th, 2006
unconventional metal?

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday May 3rd, 2006

Tags: #Maledicta
Tracklisting 1. Neurosisma
2. Dnaram Smoke
3. Destruction
4. The Dark Alchemy Of The Elements
5. Five Demons
6. Traditional Neverending Friend
7. Eruption From Insides
8. Praha Drinking Team
9. Epoca Maledicta
Line up Syn – bass
Mysteria – guitar
Anzwer – drums
Cerimor – vocals
Dot – keyboards