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Saturnus - Veronika Decides To Die
Saturnus is an old Roman god that stood for agriculture and is associated with the Greek god Kronos. I was interested in this album because the album title was really too stupid, Veronika Decided To Die. How could I review an album with this title when my girlfriend’s name is Veronica. Of course it’s coïncidence, so I’ll quit bitching about it, because I found the album quite nice to listen to. After a little research on the internet I found out that there is a novel in Portuguese called Veronika Decide Morrer, which is translated into Veronika Decides To Die. The novel is a story about a girl that has everything in place and a happy life, but still decides to kill herself. 
The album starts with ‘I Long’ which is a nice sounding track that guides you through interesting sound scapes and definitely a nice composition. I’m not a big fan of whining vocals, but luckily this guy can grunt too and not too bad! The vocals were a little strangling, but the music made up. The songs are long and make your head flow. This could also be related to the fact I was quite stoned when I heard it. Nothing much to tell you about this I fear, but I know that I enjoyed several tracks. I remember listening to this album when I had to drive from Arnhem to Den Bosch, and I was hitting the 5th track when I was home, so much for long songs!
I definitely like the sound of Saturnus, I found it quite refreshing, although I can’t listen to this all day long. I’ll probably be jumping off a building when I’d do that, I wonder if that’s why this record is called Veronika Decides To Die.
Saturnus - Veronika Decides To Die
81/1001Details Firebox Records
Released on Monday May 22nd, 2006
Doom/Death Metal

Writer @Mat-Core on Wednesday May 3rd, 2006

Tags: #Saturnus
Tracklisting 1: I Long
2: Pretend
3: Descending
4: Rain Wash Me
5: All Alone
6: Embraced By Darkness
7: To The Dreams
8: Murky Waters
Line up Vocals - Thomas A.G.
Keyboard - Anders
Guitar - Peter
Guitar - Teis
Bass - Lennart
Drums - Nikolaj