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Love Forsaken - Sex, War and Prayers
This Venetian band operates in a quite busy genre these days. The vocals are typically as you hear in many Melodic Death Metal bands; high screaming grunts, which have its roots in an album like “The Lunar Strain” of In Flames. Also the production is much like many bands in this genre with its raw and unpolished guitars. Then, was has this band to offer above all the other melodeath bands?
Well, at first hearing I would say it’s just a band of an average level, but when we come to the solo of the first track, “Diamonds Rain”, they are more convincing; this is where Love Forsaken regularly stands out. By the way, the band states on their site that they play progressive death metal, but only very occasional some real exceptional musical efforts can be heard; the term melodeath will do just fine. Anyway, the solo nicely flows into the music where after an awesome, fast tap solo starts, definitely a goose bumps moment. It’s too bad that this solo is overtaken by a synthesizer solo, which first of all is produced way too clean to fit in with the raw sound of the band, secondly it misses dynamic, thirdly it is way too simple. It seems like they wanted to put some Children of Bodom influences in their music, but then they shouldn’t had come up with such a lame version as this.
Fortunately the synthesizer isn’t used too much as a solo instrument but mainly to add an atmospheric element to the music. Contrarily to the solo parts this works out well. In their longest song “Education” some strings and piano parts appear in a nice slow, relaxing part, but what really gives the music an extra dimension are the Industrial sounds which appear in some songs.
“Sex, War and Prayers” lets us hear some nice melodeath which doesn’t arises above all the other bands in the genre, though because of the few great solos and awesome Industrial beats I’m interested in their next release. But please guys, don’t do any fast synthesizer solos anymore.
Love Forsaken - Sex, War and Prayers
68/1001Details -
Released on Friday Apr 7th, 2006
Melodic Death Metal

Writer @Sledgehammer Messiah on Sunday May 7th, 2006

Tags: #Love Forsaken
Tracklisting 1. Diamonds Rain
2. Lightfull Experience
3. Words To The Wind
4. The Human Race
5. Forsaken Love
6. Beyond
7. Education
8. Ominous
9. Sex, War & Prayers
Line up Danny - Vocals & Bass
Kaba - Guitars
Abbott - Keyboards
Mark - Drums