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Hacavitz - Vengenza
Hacavitz from Mexico play a mixture of Death and Black Metal. They sound a lot like early Morbid Angel and early Krisiun.
I could actually stop reviewing now, because there’s not very much more to say…
This doesn’t mean Vengenza is a bad album, it’s just not original. Not at all… So if you’re familiar with Altars of Madness and Apocalyptic Revelations you pretty much know what this album sounds like.
Drums: fast blasting; guitars: fast riffs, nice hooks; vocals: growls, grunts and screams. It’s all very well done, but without any kind of originality or progression.
Vengenza doesn’t have a very great sound, but I guess these guys can’t spend too much money on a big studio.
Artwork and logo aren’t worth mentioning really, so I won’t.
I don't dislike this album, but I’ve heard too many of this music to be excited. Only for people who can’t get enough of this kind of fast Death/Black Metal.
O yeah, I hate the intro: almost 3 minutes of boring “evil” bullshit, thank Satan for skipping buttons...
Hacavitz - Vengenza
65/1001Details moribund records
Released on Monday May 8th, 2006
death/black metal

Writer @Semen on Monday May 8th, 2006

Tags: #Hacavitz
Tracklisting 1. nightwinds (boring intro)
2. Ultimate Covenant
3. Tsita Ndate
4. Fathom Thee Eerie
5. Old Rancor
6. Lusting The Dead ov Nite
7. Vengenza
8. Mixxtla Miquixtli
9. Lighting Bolts ov Death
10. Viaje a Mictlan
Line up dont know: their website is offline