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Setherial - Death Triumphant
What do I listen when the days are short and dark? Right, some nice black metal. And what do I listen to when the days are long and the weather is hot? Right, some nice blackmetal. Time for some Setherial.
Setherial was founded in ‘93/’94. After some changes in the line-up and several albums, Setherial is back with their latest album ‘Death Triumphant’. About the artwork, I still don’t know if I like it or not. It’s a very cliché cover with some skeletons, but on the other hand, it’s a typical black metal cover. And Setherial is a black metal band…. Well the cover is not the important thing. Let me tell you about the music Setherial has composed. 

Like I said, it is black metal. The first thing I can say about this album is that it is nothing new, it has been done before. But does it mean it is bad? Not at all. The compositions are quite good. The vocalist has a very nice evil scream, the riffs are aggressive and the drummer has to got some really big muscular legs. The songs are mainly uptempo but the songs have enough variation in tempo and melody to hold the attention of the listener. The songs are quite compact, most of the songs have a duration of 4 ½ minutes. 

The atmosphere on ‘Death Triumphant’ is very dark, Setherial did a nice job on that. If I have to name some bands that sound similar I would say Tsjuder, Marduk, Horna and Anorexia Nervosa. As you can read, bands that play mostly uptempo, are very aggressive and have some nice melody lines through the riffs (well, Anorexia Nervosa has more melody because of the keyboards and stuff, but the aggression of the band is very similar in my opinion.) The production is very nice. It sounds very clear, and is well mixed.
9 tracks of hate, death and anger is what you get when you buy this cd (and a bonus track for those who buy the digipack). Like I said, nothing new, but there is nothing wrong with this formula.
Setherial - Death Triumphant
75/1001Details Regeign Records
Released on Monday May 15th, 2006
black metal

Writer @Arcane on Tuesday May 9th, 2006

Tags: #Setherial
Tracklisting 1. The Limbo Of Insanity
2. Death Triumphant
3. With Veins Wide Open
4. Aeons Of Bloodlust
5. Relinquishment From The Unlighted Chambers
6. Hellstorms Over The Empyrean
7. Inhale The Embers
8. Devilry, Wickedness And Scorn
9. Curse Of The Manifest
10. F�r Dem mitt Blod (bonus track for digipak version)
Line up Feunstus Inferis – bass
Infaustus – vocals
Mysteriis – Drums
Choronzon – guitars
Devothan - guitars