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Facedowninshit - Nothing Positive Only Negative
I heard one of their tracks on the new Relapse Records sampler ‘Ugly Music For Ugly Minds’, and that’s exactly what this band is all about. There are a few genres in metal that thrive on how dirty they sound, and sludgecore is definitely one of them. Not one of the best known styles, but a highly appreciated one, by me that is!
Ok, so we have dirtiness, what else do we need? How about low tuned guitars that shift from fast parts to heavy-ass-fuck slow doom parts all played with a slight redneck country undertone accompanied by a raw scream voice? That about sums up what you can expect from this band that probably supplies merchandise that will get your mother pissed off again.
The recording quality is, as it’s supposed to be, raw, heavy, and most of all, very dirty. The doomy parts can make you wander off while the fast parts get you pissed off, exactly what this music is meant for. A fusion of hardcore with (stoner)doom metal was exactly what a part of my brain needed, and I’m glad there’s another band to feed that need.
There really isn’t much more to say about this shit, because after listening to this shit, I’m lying face down in shit, puking my guts out in the shit, shitting out pieces of shit while pieces of shit shit themselves while lying face down in shit. Sorry, I’m stoned. I smoked SHIT! Hail to diarrhoea!
Facedowninshit - Nothing Positive Only Negative
80/1001Details Relapse
Released on Tuesday Apr 4th, 2006

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday May 10th, 2006

Tags: #Facedowninshit
Tracklisting 1. Plasma Center Blues
3. Countless
4. Ten Strip
5. Association Of Known Undesirables
6. Fucked
7. Rough Sleep
Line up Jason Crumer – guitar and vocals
Waylon Riffs – bass and vocals
Ryan Wolfe – drums and percussion