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Bludgeon - World Controlled
This is the second release of this Chicago based band, but I’m afraid I’ve never heard of them. Which I immediately regretted when I audited ‘World Controlled’, which is a very fine piece of metal.
Easy listening metal. A term that seems impossible, but it’s definitely done by these dudes. It sounds like party metal to me! A combination of thrash and death metal with hardcore is what you can expect from this very smoothly produced record. It has enough variation between slow and fast, with an nice overall groove. Any metalhead can bang to this if you ask me! The vocal approach is very much hardcore scream like, but with a heavier undertone.
This is certainly nothing new, but for some reason it’s very pleasant to listen to. The extremely comfortable production probably has something to do with that I guess. It’s done by the person who discovered the band, Joey DeMaio, the Manowar bassist. Which indeed resulted in very fine bass tracks.
The production is this album’s strongest side, but the songs that are on it can be spewed out in my ears anytime to be honest, and there aren’t many bands that can do that for me. Hall of fame worthy? No, not yet. Headbanging material? 100 percent sure!
Bludgeon - World Controlled
75/1001Details Magic Circle Music
Released on Monday May 1st, 2006

Writer @DemonDust on Monday May 15th, 2006

Tags: #Bludgeon
Tracklisting 1. Carnage Begins
2. Refuse The True
3. Unholy Murder
4. Hunt Or Be Hunted
5. Awakening
6. Out Of Reach
7. Infidel
8. Bitter Emptiness
9. World Controlled
10. Consumed
11. Save Your Sevant
Line up Mark Duca – vocals/guitars
Ryan Blazek – drums
Carlos Alvarez – guitars
Chris Studtmann – bass