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Ill Niño - Confession
ll Ni�o has been getting quite some press lately, because of the line-up changes. Guitarist Mark Rizzo and Percussionist Roger Vasquez, but they got quickly replaced by ex-Machine Head guitarist Ahrue Luster, and percussionist Danny Couto. Band changes aside, it didnt interupt the recording process. The CD starts with a song that will pretty uch set the tone for the rest cd. "Te Amo...I Hate You" mixes up the chugga-chugga riffing, screaming and melodic singing that we all know Ill Ni�o from. "How can I live" will probably the first single from the cd. It is already featured on the Freddy vs Jason soundtrack, and has one of the more catchy choruses on the cd. I still think Christian Machado isnt the best singer in the world, because on the melodic choruses, it just shows that the man is a decent melodic singer, but nothing more, and I bet its hard for him to nail this stuff live. Usually for a review I`ll try to run trough every track, and tell something about them. Im not going to with this cd, because most tracks just sound the same all over. I`ll just pick out the stand-out ones, because most of the material could just as well be on their first disc. "Numb" is one of the better melodic tracks on the, with a nice change in guitar sound, more of a semi acoustic sounding type song, with some nice latin and spanish influences, and an acoustic guitar solo. The song contains a nice melody, which for me made it stand out. Final track on the cd, "Re-Birth" has a different feel to it because of the electronic samples. Its pretty aggresive sounding, has a nice guitar riff, and the intro is pretty nice. Lyrically, it is the same stuff over again, mr Machado must have a pretty bad social life, because judging from the lyrics, it didnt change much from his state of being when he recorded the first disc. Its just dissapointing that the cd sounds so much like their first one. The songs on "Confession" arent bad, most of them are quite good, but its tireing to hear the same song structures over and over again. Their sound didnt change much, besides there are more samples, and the percussion seems to be turned up a notch, and the band paid a bit more attention to melody. The songs have a bit more dynamics though, with more acoustic sounding guitars, and more percussion, between the riffing. So, is it worth getting? If you absolutely loved the first disc, yeah, you`ll love this one. If you are new to the band, its a good pick as well, but I would get their first disc because the band sounds alot fresher on that one. Me? Im going to wait until it lies in the bargain bin for a few bucks, or get it second hand.
Ill Niño - Confession
62/1001Details Roadrunner Records
Released on Tuesday Mar 18th, 2008
Tribal Metal

Writer @Carn on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Ill Niño
Tracklisting 01 - Te Amo...I Hate You
02 - How Can I Live
03 - Two (Vaya Con Dios)
04 - Unframed
05 - Cleansing
06 - This Time's For Real
07 - Lifeless...Life...
08 - Numb
09 - Have You Ever Felt?
10 - When It Cuts
11 - Letting Go
12 -All The Right Words
13 - Re-Birth
Line up
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