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Chosen - Fragment (Piece II)
 Chosen was founded in September 2001 but it wasn't until December 2004 that the band line-up was finally realised. In march 2005 the band started the recording process for their first two demo releases called Fragment (Piece I) and Fragment (Piece II). The first demo was released in September ’05 and the second one last month. The second  demo is also the one that was send to the headquarters.  Chosen sounds a bit like the old Savatage mixed with modern metal sounds from Machine Head and Killswitch Engage.
As for the demo The Fragment (Piece II) the sound quality isn’t the greatest but I’ve heard much worse. Gladly enough the quality of the songs aren’t that bad at all. The Fragment (Piece II) EP start with the song ‘Crooked Path’ which immediately reminds me of an intro of Machine Head but sadly enough the rest of the song is quite mediocre.
So what about the second track ‘A Thousand Pains’ . After a rather boring intro of almost a minute the song starts with uptight drumming and a nice riff but halfway through the song they lose me completely. This song is again not bad but it’s certainly not really good.
Now we make a little jump to the fourth track of the EP ‘The Nemesis’  because it’s really the first song on this EP that I like. The songs starts a bit mid-tempo but after thirty seconds we’re of to great song. Indeed I have to say the vocals are sometimes out of tone but the song overall is great it really rocks and is never boring. The final song on the album ‘Darkness Of A Smile’  is another example of a great song written by Chosen. In the song it’s the vocals that give the song that extra power to rise above all the ones.
Overall I believe that The Fragment (Piece II) isn’t a bad demo it’s just that not all the songs are really great. Chosen has some nice ideas how to write songs and sometimes it does work out and sometimes it doesn’t.  
Chosen - Fragment (Piece II)
67/1001Details No label
Released on Monday Apr 17th, 2006

Writer @Niamen on Wednesday May 17th, 2006

Tags: #Chosen
Tracklisting 1. Crooked Path
2. A Thousand Pains
3. Waking Dreams
4. The Nemesis
5. Darkness Of A Smile
Line up Carl King - Vocals
Paul Shields - Guitars
Lar Bowler - Guitars
Matt Gaynor - Bass
David - McCann - Drums