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Oomph! - GlaubeLiebeTod
Oomph! For some just a funny word, for others their favourite band next to Rammstein. For those who never heard of Oomph! and now think ‘Oh no, not another Rammstein-clone’, well they ain’t, Oomph! was founded before Rammstein, and gave Rammstein inspiration.
GlaubeLiebeTod is Oomph!’s 8th album (or the 9th if you count their ‘best of’ as an album). Of all their albums of the past I only know Unrein, but with just that album I can tell you the music has changed a little. For instance you won’t hear the blast and scream parts anymore on the new record.

Above I told you about the connection with Rammstein. Well you surely must not think this sounds exactly like Rammstein, Oomph! has it’s own sound, and the music sounds different. But of course, there are many similarities. Like the industrial feeling, or the well considered lyrics with a lot of metaphores. But Oomph! is way more epic and gothic in my opinion and also has more pop music influences with a lot of catchy sing alongs.

The really catchy refrain of the 1st song ‘Gott ist ein Popstar’ really reminds me of the German Puckrock band Die Toten Hosen, but that is just the refrain. This is also one of the singles of this album, and on the digipack you’re treated on the video and the making of the video. I think many people think it is controversial because of the usage of the wellknown ‘Our Father, who art in heaven’.

My favourite song of this album is ‘Mein Schatz’ and tells about the Ring of Lord of the Rings (well, at least that is what I think what it is all about, perhaps I’m wrong and they sing about a cockring). The song has this über groove, with nice headbang parts and again a great sing along refrain. For me it sounds like a mix of Marilyn Manson with Rammstein.
Another great song is ‘Menschsein’ (only available on the digipack) this is the heaviest song on the album. Great riffs and dark vocals, yeah I like that!

The production is great, it has a very clear sound with a superb mix. Most of the songs are very nice, but some of the songs are not my thing, I think they are too emo for me.
So if you like some metal with heavy guitars and poetical lyrics and you want to scream along, this will be a record worth listening to.
Oomph! - GlaubeLiebeTod
80/1001Details GUN Records
Released on Tuesday May 16th, 2006
electro metal

Writer @Arcane on Thursday May 18th, 2006

Tags: #Oomph!
Tracklisting 1. Gott ist ein Popstar
2. Das letzte Streichholz
3. Tr�umst du
4. Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod
5. Du willst es doch auch
6. Eine Frau spricht im Schlaf
7. Mein Schatz
8. Dreh dich nicht um
9. Land in Sicht
10. Tanz in den Tod
11. Ich will deine Seele
12. Zuviel Liebe kann dich toten
13. Wenn du mich l�sst *
14. Menschsein *
Line up Dero – vocals, drums
Crap – keyboards, guitars
Flux – samples, guitars