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Anal Thunder - Table For One
Normally, bands that have the word anal in their name mean death metal, grindcore or some other music that drives most people completely insane. But this band from a dark and alcoholic place in Scandinavia makes nothing in those genre’s, but a more funpunk/hardcore direction is chosen. And if you are, like me, a friend of the bottle, you know exactly where they got their name from. First one to guess gets dickslapped by Ron Jeremy!
As you can probably guess, humour is the main ingredient in this band. Ridiculous drinking songs are in abundance on this record, I would say this band makes an excellent afterparty show for all the drunk idiots to lame to go home.
The music consists of easy listening punk, rock ‘n roll and perhaps a bit of old-skool hardcore here and there. A lot of catchy melodies and sing-a-long choruses is all a bunch of drunk rejects of society need I guess. Surprisingly, these guys have a very good production. Everything sounds very clear and nice, and especially the bass gets my juices flowing. It has an almost death metal sound to it, if it weren’t for the very much slower tempo’s.
As I said humour is an important ingredient, which reflects in every aspect of the record. Titles like ‘Our Song For The Eurovision Song Contest’, ‘(She’s) Too Drunk To Fuck’ and ‘Karaoke Nightmare’ point that out already, but there are a whole lot more idiotic escapes here and there. Like a (very good might I add) heavy metal scream at the start of ‘I Choose The Sin’ and a country touch to the track ‘Kill Your Neighbours’. The artwork enhances the bullshit feeling as well, as they emphasize in the little story in the sleeve, they chose a dark and gothic touch like all the cool bands that have that thing going on now. The cover shows a gun with a bullet next to it, something I can really appreciate when associated with gothics.
Although I’ve been very positive up till now, I do have to say that I don’t like all the tracks as much as some, and in the end the album gets a bit annoying, but I guess the average drunk punk can party his ass off over and over again to this stuff. And it’s not like they care about my opinion, because the words ‘now go fuck yourself’ seem to have an important meaning on this disc too.
To conclude this, I can definitely relate to their ideology of never-ending party’s with beer, chicks and food, but I will probably not play this every week, or month for that matter. But I sure as hell love a slogan like ‘Lifelong Hangover’!!!

PS. check the website for drunken pictures and penis pictures. Ew nasty!
Anal Thunder - Table For One
70/1001Details Fullhouse Records
Released on Wednesday Mar 8th, 2006
drunk punk

Writer @DemonDust on Friday May 19th, 2006

Tags: #Anal Thunder
Tracklisting 1. Starter
2. Lifelong Hangover
3. Diabetes
4. Our Song For The Eurovision Song Contest
5. I Choose The Sin
6. H.M.P.U.
7. Junk
8. (She’s) Too Drunk To Fuck
9. Frustration
10. Kill Your Neighbours
11. Guns
12. Karaoke Nightmare
13. I’m Your Homer
Line up Ultima Foole – vocals
Torso Animal Bastard – drums
Teenage Idol – bass
El Loso – guitar
Jutila – guitar