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Spiritu/Village Of Dead Roads - Human Failures
It has been a while again since I’ve reviewed a split album, but now a very interesting one has been brought to my attention. Doom metal splits are definitely something that are a potential source of joy to me, so lets see what these two bands bring us.
Spiritu is the more mellower of the two bands. With heavy stoner rock guitars and raw drums these guys try to convince you of their power. There are some nice riffs and grooves, and the heavy sound in average is very nice to listen to.
This band achieves their variety vocally. From a heavy metal rock voice, to hippie-like chanting, to old-skool rock, this guy knows how work his voice in some interesting ways. Unfortunately there’s a bit of a high undertone in everything, and high male vocals are not something I am a big fan of. Nevertheless these four tracks have an interesting approach to stoner doom, that can probably please fans from Queens Of The Stone Age to High On Fire and all that lies between.
Dirty, raw, heavy, riffs like monsters. Village Of Dead Roads might have a not so happy name, they sure do make me happy! This is a little more extreme than the previous band on this disc, and operates more in spheres that I listen to a lot. Longer atmospheric tracks of raw heavy stoner doom that are able to keep the listener’s attention is what this band has to offer. Vocally there are some nice screams as well as clean vocals, which makes me a whole lot more content.
As it says in the credits, these four tracks were recorded live in one take without the use of pro-tools. Now that alone deserves some credit, because I can’t notice it when listening. The only thing that could implicate such a scenario is the raw quality of the recordings, but that is also something that is not uncommon within the regions of doom metal. More often appreciated than criticised even, and I’m a big fan of it too. So this is slightly heavier and rawer, but nowhere in the extremes yet. Just some good ol’ rock ‘n doom!
Spiritu/Village Of Dead Roads - Human Failures
72/1001Details Meteor City
Released on Monday May 22nd, 2006
stoner doom

Writer @DemonDust on Monday May 22nd, 2006

Tags: #Spiritu/Village Of Dead Roads
Tracklisting 1. The Ten Of Seven Bell
2. Object Of Desire
3. Latitude
4. Throwback
5. Descendants Of The Dendrites
6. Skin Prison
7. Woman Of Ill Repute
8. Divine Mistake
Line up unknown for both bands