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Fall Ov Serafim - Nex Iehovae
Fall Ov Serafim is a Spanish symphonic black metal band which consists of ex-members of Misteltein. Misteltein released two albums upon society when the band discarded due to heavy line-up changes. If we might believe Fall Ov Serafim they’re goal is trying to create the best symphonic black metal music possible. The artwork of the album is truly black metal and of course the promo letter that comes with the album speaks of a biblical and prophetic atmosphere in the lyrics. But the letter also reminds us that the lyrics are just the bands view on life, religion and death.
The album starts with a song called ‘Towards The Throne Of Tragedy’, which immediately reminds me of Dimmu Borgir which is a great band to be compared with. But this song reminds me a bit too much of Dimmu Borgir and that’s not a good thing. I believe that if you want to make it in the music world you got to have a unique style or at least your own sound. The second song, ‘Purification’ is another song that really looks like Dimmu Borgir although I have to admit it’s a great song.
Luckily enough the third song ‘A Poisoned Blessing’ starts with a great thrash riff which easily could be compared with any good riff on the Master Of Puppets album from Metallica. The song continues with that riff adding some great drums and typical black metal vocals. This song convinced me that Fall Ov Serafim is capable of creating a unique sound. This style also continues in the next song which is called ‘Hope Extinguished’. With ‘The Coming Conflict’ we have another typical Dimmu Borgir song which easily could have been on one their latest albums.
‘Carnival Of Celestial Rape’ is kind of a strange song with its nine minutes and ten seconds. The songs starts like any other song but halfway the music suddenly stops and a piano starts to play sounding like a sort of intro to the next song. After this, the song continues quite the same as before and approximately a minute and a half before the end the song stops leaving the listener behind with some strange background sounds.
Overall the albums isn’t bad at all and sometimes the songs are even great. But the point is that several times it looks a bit too much like Dimmu Borgir. Although I could say that as a compliment because the songs are really good. It’s just the lack of own identity I despise. But if you really like Dimmu Borgir you should give this album a try. You might like it. 
Fall Ov Serafim - Nex Iehovae
78/1001Details Regain Records
Released on Thursday Jun 1st, 2006
Symphonic Black Metal

Writer @Niamen on Tuesday May 23rd, 2006

Tags: #Fall Ov Serafim
Tracklisting 1. Towards The Throne Of Tragedy
2. Purification
3. A Poisoned Blessing
4. Hope Extinguished
5. The Coming Conflict
6. Carnival Of Celestial Rape
7. Your Paradise Suffers
8. Crowned In Malice
Line up