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Mechanical Organic - Flat Earth Society
On the site of this Australian band, with a most interesting and attractive name, some comparisments with NIN and Rammstein are being made. Although Mechanical Organic is mainly industrial I totally disagree, because they don’t sound that dirty but way smoother. It’s hard to compare them with anyone and they’re quite progressive, but I’ll do my best to describe their sound.
The music of Mechanical Organic is very slow; its tempo can be compared with that of Doom. For the remaining, it’s for the majority industrial, but with a clean high voice. This is actually quite annoying; throughout the entire CD the vocalist sings very long stretched, slow high notes. In a song like ‘Nothing is Real’ this really sounds whining and this is not the only occasion. With the CD’s play time being over an hour and 15 minutes, which is way too long to listen to this music, it really starts to bore you. The biography claims that the lyrics are intellectual stimulating, but you may judge for yourself because I couldn’t stand focusing on the vocals.
The positive points of this band are the high guitar melodies with the electronic effects over it, often overtaken by a synthesizer in the same atmosphere. Like in the opening track this functions as a redline throughout the song. Unfortunately everything sounds kind of soft and the beats misses power. In ‘Hacking Humanity’ there is a darker vibe, which is nice, and even a double bass kicks in. When the high repetitive guitar solo joins it one of the better parts arises. These good darker instrumental parts are the strongest points of Mechanical Organic, but never am I really stunned by this band.
I would say that only sporadically some nice beats and vibes pass by on this debut CD, but all of not a too high quality. The vocals are simply too annoying to make this CD enjoyable to listen to. It’s too bad that the music of these guys isn’t as interesting as their band name.
Mechanical Organic - Flat Earth Society
50/1001Details Independent
Released on Saturday Apr 1st, 2006
Progressive Industrial

Writer @Sledgehammer Messiah on Wednesday May 24th, 2006

Tags: #Mechanical Organic
Tracklisting 1. What Have We Become
2. Stealth
3. Hacking Humanity
4. Nothing Is Real
5. Username and Password
6. All According To Plan
7. To Bridge The Void
8. Weapons Of Mass Distraction
9. Nostalgia
10. The Bitter Truth
11. This They Must Never Know
Line up Eddie Katz - Vocals, Bass, Keyboards
Connie D - Synth and Lead Guitar
Laurence Belviso - Drums and percussion