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Shock Nagasaki - Year Of The Spy
What can life be beautiful, I’m heading home and the sun is shining, I’m having a great mood and the latest album of Shock Nagasaki on my portable CD player. Shock Nagasaki is a Syracuse New York based band which plays a mix of streetpunk and rock and roll. The vocalist Jamie Coville also played in Libetine but he left that band to start Shock Nagasaki.
Year Of The Spy is an album that most likely can be described as a rollercoaster ride. Starting with ‘1968’ you have the feeling you’ve just been strapped in and on your way to the top of the ride and you’re already building up the adrenaline. ‘I Get High On A Low Society’ is the point where the ride really begins and where also the adrenaline starts to flow when you’re heading for the first looping with full speed. You scream along during ‘Palisades And Renegades’ when you’re coming out of the first looping. That’s when you realize this is going to be one hell of a ride.
During ‘Deconstruct Decontrol’ and ‘Classified Information’ you’re racing through numerous  sharp turns and corners. ‘The Curse Of The Lade Be’ blows through your speaker when you’re heading towards the corkscrews. After that it’s on to the great finale so during ‘These Are Our Streets Now’ and ‘What Have They Done To Me’ you’re on your way to the second top of the ride. When you’re heading down to the double looping ‘Late 4 Life’ blows through the speakers followed by ‘Hit The Beach’. On ‘Destination nowhere’ and ‘Shock Nagasaki’ you experience the end of the ride when you’re entering the station. It’s been a hell of a ride. It just ended a few seconds ago and you’re already screaming for more.  
Overall, Shock Nagasaki shows us with ‘Year Of The Spy’ that they can write great punkrock songs. Everything on this album is great the lyrics, the melody, the music. It is a masterpiece. This is truly a great record that every self-respecting punk addict must have. It combines great melody with intense vocals and great rock and roll feeling. This is one album that probably will end in my best of year list of 2006.
Shock Nagasaki - Year Of The Spy
90/1001Details Rebellion Records
Released on Friday May 26th, 2006

Writer @Niamen on Monday May 29th, 2006

Tags: #Shock Nagasaki
Tracklisting 1. 1968
2. I Get High On A Low Society
3. Palisades and Renegades
4. Deconstruct, Decontrol
5. Classified Information
6. Curse Of The Lady Be
7. These Are Our Streets Now
8. What Have They Done To Me
9. Late 4 Life
10. Hit The Beach
11. Destination Nowhere
12. Shock Nagasaki
Line up Jamie Coville - Vocals/Guitar
Nellz Evol - Guitar
Paul Vincent - Bass
Bryan Lopus - Drums