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Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium
It’s only 7 years ago I bought my first ‘heavy music’ CD. It was RHCP’s Californication. A great album that I still enjoy every single time I listen to it. A couple of years later they released a new album called By The Way. In my opinion less better that Californication but still a nice album for the average RHCP-fan. After ‘By The Way’ some re-mastered albums and a ‘best of’ album came out. Now it’s 2006 and RHCP is back with a new album called Stadium Arcadium. A double album which lots of people were waiting for quite a while.
Now before I start the actual review, I just want to let you know there are no significant differences between Jupiter (disc 1) and Mars (disc 2). Therefore this review represents both discs at once.
Like we’re used to hear from this band, all the instruments are all clearly present on this album. There’s plenty of room for all of ‘em, which results in a smooth production with a very good sound. The album contains quite some guitar solo’s, which again are typically RHCP. To get a little bit of an impression of such a solo, just check out the first single of the album, ‘Dani California’.
The concept of this album is very much like Californication. Because of that, Stadium Arcadium gives you the feeling that you’re entering a world you already know. You don’t get thrown into a new world where you have to find your own way in the new (unknown) dimension of the band. Some might dislike this, other will love it. Fact is: if you were a RHCP-fan before, you’ll definitely like this album. There’s simply no way to hide for so much catchy sing-along songs.
There’s lots of variation when it comes to heavier or softer songs. A song like ‘Dani California represents the heavier side of the band, while there’s also plenty of room for songs like Californication’sRoad Trippin’. Fans of Californication can buy this album without a doubt. Enjoy!
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium
80/1001Details Warner Bros. Records
Released on Tuesday May 9th, 2006

Writer @Boek on Monday May 29th, 2006

Tags: #Red Hot Chili Peppers
Tracklisting Disc 1: Jupiter
01. Dani California (4:42)
02. Snow (hey Oh) (5:37)
03. Charlie (4:40)
04. Stadium Arcadium (5:18)
05. Hump De Bumb (3:35)
06. She\'s Only 18 (3:27)
07. Slow Cheetah (5:22)
08. Torture Me (3:47)
09. Strip My Mind (4:21)
10. Especially In Michigan (4:03)
11. Warlocks (3:28)
12. C\'mon Girl (3:51)
13. Wet Sand (5:12)
14. Hey (5:40)

Disc 2: Mars
01. Desecration Smile (5:06)
02. Tell Me Baby (4:12)
03. Hard To Concentrate (4:06)
04. 21st Century (4:27)
05. She Looks To Me (4:10)
06. Readymade (4:35)
07. If (2:57)
08. Make You Feel Better (3:56)
09. Animal Bar (5:29)
10. So Much I (3:49)
11. Storm In A Teacup (3:49)
12. We Believe (3:40)
13. Turn It Again (6:10)
14. Death Of A Martian (4:25)
Line up Anthony Kiedis - Vocals
Michael Balzary - Bass
John Frusciante - Guitar
Chad Smith - Drums