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Trashlight Vision - Alibis&Ammunition
A legendary review on this website once started out with the words ‘punkrock has finally gone gay’ by the just as legendary Napalm Lex. Well, punkrock continues to be gay every now and then, but in other forms than that particular band I meant here. Do you remember which one it was?
Ah, I’ll spoil the opportunity for a contest, it was Good Charlotte’s first album. Trashlight Vision is not gay in the sissy way (besides those terrible looks), no no, they are among those rockers that are into the glam rock’n roll punk shit. Food for fifteen year old girls with a minority complex willing to fuck. Prejudice? Not all!
We all remember a band called Murderdolls now don’t we? Well, mister Acey Slade who was in that band replacing the departed Tripp Rex Eisen (a convicted paedophile, proof!) thinks he can do a little more in that genre, only with crappier songs and less famous people. I guess they try to make up for that by mentioning in the bio that Acey met the other guitar player in rehab. Wow. That’s something to be proud of, something the world was waiting for. Rehab rock ‘n roll.
Okay, let me say something about the music then. You probably noticed it is that punkrock glam rock ‘n roll thing they are reviving lately what they’re playing. The mix is as punkrock as Bon Jovi, very smooth production but very off balance. The drums are brought forward way too much, they’re not that interesting you know. The riffs must all have been played a million times by now and the vocals, HA, the vocals. It sounds like he recorded them in his worst rehab days or something. The raw voice misses the rawness, it sounds like a squealing baby. And the clean vocals aren’t even worth mentioning.
Well this review ought to piss the fuckers off, rightfully. I guess the average braindead dickslobbering underage groupie will go for it, but please stay the fuck out of my ears man!
PS. I forgot to mention that the first time I listened to it I was doing something for school that wasn’t coming along great and the shit pissed me off like hell! I haven’t been angry like that for a long time. But I wanted to give them another chance, I thought it was just me. I was wrong…
PS2. Yes they do rape The Ramones“My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes To Bitburg)’. Is that a felony or what?
Trashlight Vision - Alibis&Ammunition
30/1001Details Suburban
Released on Tuesday May 30th, 2006

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday May 30th, 2006

Tags: #Trashlight Vision
Tracklisting 1. Dead Waves On The Air
2. Allergic To You
3. I Can’t Wait (To Do Nothing)
4. Screw Worm Baby
5. Faceplant Pavement
6. My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes To Bitburg)
7. Nola
8. My Fuck You 2 U
9. Black Apples
10. New Junk
11. Horns And Halos
12. Sick One
Line up Acey Slade - vocals/guitar
Len Thomas - drums
Roger Segal - bass
Steve Haley - guitar