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Serpentia - Dark Fields Of Pain
Serpentia started out in 1996/1997 with Ivy. Chriser and Seba (drums). They recorded their first MCD after a few line up changes in 2000. They played some gigs with Vader, Thy Disease and Whorehouse. Soon after that they started recording their first full length, which we are going to discuss now. Dark Fields Of Pain is an album that handles about the psychical and mental decay of mankind. Let�s see how Serpentia will survive the critics. [img][/img] The album starts with some gurgling sounds and a fat blastbeat. Very much like in the style of the more ordinary death metal bands. The vocals are strong in the screaming regions, but some fat grunts aren�t excluded on this song. The songs are all very qualitative but I have the strong sense I�ve heard it all somewhere else, on another death metal album. For instance, if you take a song from an unspecified melodic death metal band, you�ll hear the big similarities in the songs. Now I won�t say that the music isn�t cool. No, the music is very cool, with cool bass/guitar lines and 2 strong vocalists who grunt and scream their guts out. This death metal machine from Poland can be working on their song writing though; they are good, but not quite original. The lyrics are a bit standard, but well-worked out! A little surprise in the vocal style I sensed in Waiting For A Wings, where a clean vocal passage comes around the corner. With this being their first full length album, I must confess they did a pretty good job of it, and Dark Fields Of Pain will certainly spin some more rounds in my disc player. It�s a nice album, that listens easily and if you set your brains to zero and your neck muscles to maximum, they are certainly enjoyable. The cool configuration of the bass guitar is also noteworthy, because of the high pitched tones it produces throughout the songs. Okay, the originality of it holds me back to give this album a straight 9. Track List: 1: The Worst Enemy 2: Consciousness Of The Beyond 3: Waiting For A Wings 4: Hospice Of Hope 5: Charity Of Death 6: Extraterrasial Murder 7: Dark Fields Of Pain 8: Neverending Questions 9: Place Where Souls Are Dying Line Up: Vocals � Panzerfaust Guitars/Vox � Chriser Bass � Ivy Drums - Phoenix
Serpentia - Dark Fields Of Pain
85/1001Details Metal Mind
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Mat-Core on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Serpentia
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