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JR Ewing - Maelstrom
JR Ewing is a band from Oslo, Norway. Better said, was.. a band from Oslo, Norway. By the fall of 2006 they will no longer be together as a band. After 8 years, starting the band back in 1998, they decided to split up. I received a copy of their latest, well… their last work, named Maelstrom.
I didn’t knew JR Ewing yet. I only knew that they’d toured with bands like Coheed and Cambria, which I like a lot. So I expected something similar. Well, it’s something totally different but still pretty awesome!
It’s a very explosive band. A lot of energy is hiding in their music. They make use of all weird and complex changes during the songs. This makes it that JR Ewing has their own sound. It’s all pretty unique and everything but standard. Though I think they could hold back a little more on the ‘complex’ parts. It would make it a bit more relaxed to listen to.
Andreas' voice in the song “Here I Vanish” reminded me of Ian Watkins’ from the Lost Prophets. He got a very powerful progressive voice. JR Ewing’s music is very technical. The drums are very innovative and keep the speed up most of the time. Together with the energetic guitar/ bass parts it creates a very diverse sound. On the other hand, after listening to 4 songs you know exactly what their style is.
But that doesn’t mean that you can forecast their music. For example; “Take A Hint” is a song that starts pretty relaxed. After two minutes you think it’s about to finish. But then it’s getting build up again to end in one big climax. Totally unexpected.
I think I can still find a lot more when I’d listen to Maelstrom a few more times. Just like the Mars Volta and stuff like that you need to listen to it frequently before you hear all the secrets that are hiding in their music. Too bad they decided to quit. I kinda like it. Well, whatever they will do next, they already did a great job with JR Ewing.
Love Maurits
JR Ewing - Maelstrom
76/1001Details Dim Mak Records
Released on Tuesday Jul 25th, 2006
post hardcore

Writer @Maurits on Friday Jun 2nd, 2006

Tags: #JR Ewing
Tracklisting 1. Change Is Nothing (everything Is) (3:44)
2. For We Are Dead (3:21)
3. Nihilistic Elitist (2:16)
4. Take A Hint (4:47)
5. Fucking&Champange (3:41)
6. Insect Intercourse (3:12)
7. Floodlight (5:00)
8. I\'m Sorry, Your\'re Sorry, We\'re Sorry (2:15)
9. Pitch Black Vanish (3:48)
10. Here I Vanish (3:15)
11. Big Exit (6:03)
12. Video (21:55)
Line up Andreas - vocals
Petter - bass
H�kon - guitar
Erlend - guitar
Kenneth - drums