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Society 1 - The Sound That Ends Creation
Having earned their stripes with ceaseless touring around the world over the last two years, the time has come for Society 1 to prove their musical mastery. Displaying an uncanny ability to write catchy, infectious, hard edged rock songs, Society 1 incorporate industrial stylings, goth influence and modern metal aggression into one highly listenable whole.
Variety is a word that this band knows damn well! It’s just incredible how much variation there can be on one album and still let it sound like a whole. These guys look like they’re created with Black Metal genes which make them look like a band they simply aren’t. ‘Cause the music they make doesn’t even come close to Black Metal. Though, there’s lots of other influences which are clearly present in their music.
Society 1 has the power of Static-X combined with System Of A Down, the screams of numerous other famous metalcore bands and the singing of Dry Kill Logic. Add up some Korn alike bass/guitar parts and a couple of other recognizable sounds and you have a unique mix of what is called ‘rock’. Which I doubt by the way, ‘cause this music is more than rock only. Actually I think the description of ‘rock’ doesn’t fit the band at all. There’s so much more in this music, there are so much more dimensions you get pulled into when listening to this music, that calling this music just rock wouldn’t be right. I’d say this music has more to do with metal(core) when listening to the vocal parts. Music wise this music lies somewhere between rock and metal. And lyric wise, well….a lot of singing about death and stuff like that, maybe that’s what their Black Metal looks come from?!
Anyway, Society 1 has managed to create some extremely catchy songs that will stick in your head in a pleasant way. Which makes this album something definitely worth a try! Though, there’s some songs on this disc that simply don’t reach the same level as their catchy fellows. Not that they’re bad, they’re simply less catchy. No problem! Just check it out if you wanna hear something good.
Society 1 - The Sound That Ends Creation
74/1001Details Earache
Released on Tuesday Mar 1st, 2005

Writer @Boek on Tuesday Jun 6th, 2006

Tags: #Society 1
Tracklisting 1. It Isn\'t Me (2:35)
2. Let Me Live (3:38)
3. 6 Months (2:25)
4. No Father (4:44)
5. Touch A Girl (3:31)
6. Realms Of Bliss (4:52)
7. Lord (4:11)
8. I Love Her (4:33)
9. Bleed (2:07)
10. Enraptured (1:26)
11. Skies (3:35)
12. Wounded Veins (4:04)
Line up Matt - Vocals
Preston - Drums
Sin - Guitar
Dirt - Bass