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Distorted - Memorial
I think this is the first band that I review that hails from Israel. And what a band to start with it is! They have worked under different names and with different line-ups since 1996 and this year they've released their first full-length album that lies before me now. Let’s see what it’s made of.
They describe their style as doom/death, and I guess that is the most suitable term for music like this. Only it (fortunately) isn’t as melancholic as most bands operating in that genre. They claim to be a combination between Dark Tranquillity and Lacuna Coil, whom both are bands that don’t get my juices flowing. This band on the other hand does manage to do that. Although it does take a couple of spins to really discover what the music is made of, it’s fairly easy to describe. Your basic mid-tempo death metal with very few slow parts but with an overwhelming sound is the basis for their sound. Add some mellower clean parts here and there and you know what the music is all about. And all that executed with a very good feel for songwriting, which enhances the experience of listening to this album.
Vocally we have two efforts. We have the male grunts on one hand, and the clean female singing on the other. And this girl knows how to work her voice like an angel I tell yee! She’s come up with some very good vocal lines that are anything but the easy way out. That’s what I like to hear! And then it says in the bio that she is very good-looking as well, so I guess I’ll be searching for some pictures on the web soon!
To conclude this, I guess it’s good material for any fan of doom/death music, just don’t expect your basic crap. This is just way better. I’m very curious to hear new material of this band to see if they are able to maintain what they’re doing. Nice record!
Distorted - Memorial
79/1001Details Bad Reputation Records
Released on Tuesday May 2nd, 2006

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Jun 8th, 2006

Tags: #Distorted
Tracklisting 1. In Your Light
2. Memorial
3. Children Of Fall
4. Flesh And Blood
5. Redemption
6. Sometimes
7. Is It The Wind
8. Illusive
9. Hesped
Line up Guy Shalom - bass
Benny Zohar - guitar
Miri Millman - vocals
Raffy Mor - guitar/vocals