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The Junior Varsity - The Great Compromise
This is just a wicked package man! I was very surprised when I received this record. It’s not just a normal album. It comes together with a DVD and loads of bonus material! It includes re-recordings and acoustic versions that give you 20 songs in total. And then you still have the DVD left to watch…
Why is that, you’d think. Here is the story: before The Junior Varsity got together with Victory Records, they released an EP in 2003 on a small label followed by their first full length, The Great Compromise. After that they released their debut Wide Eyes at Victory Records.  Now in 2006 they re-introduce The Great Compromise complete with B-sides, rarities and a DVD.
I first checked out the DVD. I was very curious about what to expect from that. Well, it is a fully packed DVD. The introduction is the song ‘Get Comfortable’ performed live. It only looks like they were the supporting act at that show that night. Anyway, after that there is this chapter called ‘Meet The Band’ which is pretty cool. That are the things that I’d like to see on a DVD. I always like to get to know the band. What are the persons like and more stuff like that. Next to that they talk about their hometown and you will find some more background information about the band. Even the DVD got bonus features which contains a whole live concert.
In an interview they tell you about the band (Winner Takes All) they were in before The Junior Varsity got born. There’s even this song called ‘House Fire’ which was originally written by the Winner Takes All. They still play it these days and you will find it back on The Great Compromise. Well, you’ll find it back twice when there is a re-recording version on it as bonus material.
About the album itself: it got recorded in August 2004. Lance Reynolds produced, engineered and mixed the entire album. On the bonus part of the record you’ll find re-recorded and acoustic versions. Some of the songs come from The Great Compromise itself and some come from their earlier debut called Wide Eyed. The re-recorded versions are recorded with the help of Dan Duzynski (Hawthorne Heights, Fall Out Boy).
In the booklet you’ll find all lyrics (excluding the bonus songs). Underneath each lyric the band members have written some comment about the song. So if there were any specialties you can read it in the comment. Which is pretty interesting to read.
Okay then, this it like my most chaotic review ever. That’s because there is so much to tell about this band. Every band has got its history. With this record you can discover the history of The Junior Varsity. I now see that I even didn’t tell you what kind of music they make. It’s a mix of rock with some new wave/prog rock influences. It always remains hard to describe a bands music style. So you’d better check it out yourself at their myspace or purevolume. I just want to say that this is one complete package! You get to know the band, ‘personally’ and musically. So now you know what you got to  do if you’re interested in getting to know The Junior Varsity ………
The Junior Varsity - The Great Compromise
75/1001Details Victory Records
Released on Tuesday May 30th, 2006

Writer @Maurits on Wednesday Jun 14th, 2006

Tags: #The Junior Varsity
Tracklisting 1. The Introduction To the Faint Remembrance of a Dead and Dying Dream
2. Park Your Car
3. Left Foot Right Foot
4. Demo Car City
5. Dont Forget To Set The House On Fire Before You Crawl Into Bed (House Fire)
6. Ohio And The 178 Meter Dash To Indiana
7. The Big Little City Killing Cycle
8. Song To Be Sung
9. Falling Far Behind
10. Anti-Climactic
11. Peter Cottontail and the Demise of the Carrot Tree
12. Dont Forget To Set The House On Fire Before You Crawl Into Bed (House Fire) (2006 Version)
13. Everyones Got Something Theyre Running Out Of (Acoustic Version)
14. Mad For Medusa (Acoustic Version)
15. Peter Cottontail (Digital Demo Version)
16. Everyones Got Something Theyre Running Out Of (Demo Version)
17. If You Could Paint Your Own Vacation Where Would You Go? (Demo Version)
18. Park Your Car(Original Concept Recording)
19. Anti-Climactic (Digital Demo Version)
20. Say Goodnight (From the 2002 Self-Titled EP)

Line up Nick Dodson - Synth/Piano
Sergio Coronado - Vocals/ Guitar
Andy Wildrick - Guitar
Asa Dawson - Bass/ vocals
Chris Birch - Drums