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Raise Hell - City Of The Damned
Raise Hell made three albums on the famous Nuclear Blast label. But after the third album Wicked Is My Game it was over for Raise Hell. Nowadays Raise Hell resides at Black Lodge, but that's not the only thing that changed. The former vocalist decided to focus on his guitar skills and a new vocalist was found in the person of Jimmy Fjällendahl. I believe it's always a great risk to change a vocalist of a band especially when the band already made a couple of albums. Well lets find out what City Of The Damned has to offer.
The first song of the album starts after an intro of thunder and a train running by. From the first moment the pedal goes to the metal and I'm already nodding my head. This song is a great start of the album; it immediately grabs you by the balls. The second song 'City Of The Damned' reminds me a bit of 'Children Of The Damned' from Iron Maiden. The main reason for this is probably just the song title and the fact the choruses are alike. That is also the only similarity Raise Hell has with Iron Maiden. Because music wise Raise Hell plays thrash metal in the style of Destruction and Children Of Bodom.
If you listen to the song 'Like Clowns We Craw' it's obvious Raise Hell is capable of writing goods songs. On the other hand the song 'Reapers Calling' which follows after 'Like Clowns We Crawl' is hardly inspirational and rather boring. This problem occurs several times on this album and that's a pity.
As I mentioned before it's always a great risk to change a vocalist of a band. As for Raise Hell it turned out well. If you compare the songs from older albums with the songs on City Of The Damned it's obvious that the new vocalist makes the songs more dynamical.
Overall City Of The Damned isn't a bad album at all. It has really great songs on it. Of course everything is done before but isn't that with a lot of bands nowadays. I think if you really like Thrash metal this could be a nice album to contribute to your collection.
Raise Hell - City Of The Damned
75/1001Details Black Lodge
Released on Thursday Apr 6th, 2006
Thrash Metal

Writer @Niamen on Saturday Jun 17th, 2006

Tags: #Raise Hell
Tracklisting 1. Devil\'s Station (4:49)
2. City Of The Damned (4:48)
3. Like Clowns We Crawl (2:53)
4. Reaper\'s Calling (4:37)
5. Open Your Mind (4:13)
6. Ghost I Carry (4:24)
7. My Shadow (4:08)
8. To The Gallows (5:11)
9. I (4:49)
10. Rising (8:12)
11. Biog (4:28)
Line up Jimmy Fj�llendal - Vocals
Jonas Nilsson - Guitars
Niklas Sj�str�m - Bass
Dennis Ekdahl - Drums