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Phaze 1 - Phaze 1
As the two French Potvin brothers in arms join forces in yet another extreme collaboration, they are joined by Dirk Verbeuren, who has been active in acts like Soilwork and Scarve. This merry threesome of mayhem have finally found time to do what they wanted to: create Phaze 1.
And what a record it is. While most albums take you about three listenings, this one took me at least ten to really understand what is happening. Extreme is definitely a good word for this band. Apocalyptic screams that are heavily distorted with some occasional singing, nice rhythmic drumming, crazy sound effects and some very intense riffing à la what you’d call a black metal Strapping Young Lad. All that mixed by the notorious Peter In De Betou (Rammstein, Marduk). If that still doesn’t sound good to you, go listen to something more easily digestible.
The band carries a bit of the feel of Lyzanxia, the band which both Potvin brothers are active in, only here it is way more intense and epic. To be honest I still have problems to accurately describe this after hearing it at least twenty times. It has that fast thrash-like approach, but due to a lot of spacey effects it is still very atmospheric. Some occasional unordinary drumming gives you another different feeling about the whole, and to top it all off, the vocals add to both brutality and to the atmospheric part. Weird but true.
After hearing it so many times I did get the feeling that they do make use of a lot of the same tricks, but I guess if you don’t listen to this album too often, you wont be bothered by that fact.
Well this is another perfect example of hear-it-to-believe-it. I guess it could appeal to fans from Emperor, Strapping Young Lad and even The Dillinger Escape Plan, so you figure out if this is your cup of tea. 
Phaze 1 - Phaze 1
82/1001Details Scarlet
Released on Monday May 22nd, 2006
extreme metal

Writer @DemonDust on Sunday Jun 18th, 2006

Tags: #Phaze 1
Tracklisting 1-New Archetypes
2-Evolution of a species
3-Stench of their flesh
4-Screams of Dying Dogs
5-The Guide
7-Intensified Elements
8-Going to exist
Line up David Potvin - strings&wood
Franck Potvin - throat&screams
Dirk Verbeuren - skins&wood