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Death SS - The 7th Seal
Death SS???? Sounds a little doubtable. But after a little research I found out that the SS in the name is absolutely not related to the NSDAP. SS stands for Steve Sylvester, the vocalist and founder of the band.

The 7th Seal was announced as horror metal, that made me very curious. I’d never heard of Death SS before. It seems that this Italian band is already active since 1977, so should I be ashamed I didn’t know this band? I’ll come back on that later.

Horror metal, well I suspected some dark slow and sinister metal. I pressed the play button and the intro of the first song began. Sounded very cool. But then when the vocals start screaming “Give em hell” I was very disappointed. Horror? Well, the vocals sound like the vocals of Lordi. Not very horror in my opinion. And the music? Goregrind? Nope, it’s more like ordinary heavy metal mixed with a slight touch of Rammstein or Atrocity and some gothic influences.

Okay, I was a little disappointed because it was very different as I expected. But does it make this album bad?

After I told myself to forget my expectations I listened the album again. The songs are quite ok, good compositions and the mix is good. Most of the time the songs are very catchy, sometimes even sing-alongs. Lots of electronics are used to give the songs an extra feeling. Sometimes I even sense a little glamrock.

I really like the song ‘Another Life’. A dark sounding ballad, with a great atmosphere and a lot of feeling. Well I can imagine some people will hear a horror element in this song. Personally I don’t think it is horror, but hey, mostly I listen to black metal or other dark genre’s. Ajattara, or My Dying Bride, that is horror to me. The 7th Seal can better be compared with King Diamond, for the horror that is. If you think the shockrock of Alice Cooper is horror, then Death SS is horror.

So should I be ashamed? A little I think. This band really wrote some good stuff. But I would describe it as heavy metal. If you are a heavy metal fan, I think you might like it, and you should check it out.
Death SS - The 7th Seal
70/1001Details Regain Records
Released on Wednesday Jun 21st, 2006
Horror metal

Writer @Arcane on Wednesday Jun 21st, 2006

Tags: #Death SS
Tracklisting 1. Give\'Em Hell
2. Venus\'Gliph
3. Der Golem
4. Shock Treatment
5. Absinthe
6. Another Life
7. Psycosect
8. Heck Of A Day
9. S.I.A.G.F.O.M.
10. The Healer
11. Time To Kill
12. The 7th Seal
13. The Four Horsemen (bonus track, Aphrodite’s Child cover)
Line up Steve Sylvester - vocals
Emil Bandera - Guitars
Glenn Strange - Bass
Dave Simeone - drums
Freddy Delirio - Keyboard