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Neetzach - The servants of Satan
In 1993 this band was formed under the name Sworn (cover included,) which lateron was changed into Neetzach.Their last release was the 1995 demo Pinseltronen. Now Gidim Xul (Gehenna), the only remaining original member, continues along with Dirge Rep (Orcturus, Gorgoroth) and Vrangsinn (Carpathian Forest, Hatepulse). These last two are also the main members of Secht, a project which released their album True Narcotic Black Metal on the same date as The servants of Satan: 06.06.06. I’m surprised the whole Norwegian scene didn’t release an album on this date… Fortunately Neetzach’s new album sounds a lot better than Secht (see review elsewhere.)
Being very old school, this album takes you back to the early 90’s when Black Metal was still obscure and pure. No keyboards or choirs, just raw and primitive sounding misanthropy.
The sound is quite good for a Black Metal release of this sort. Of course it’s not clean and you can hear a lot of feedback, but every instrument can be heard well. The mix is nice and although it’s not always very tight, The Servants of Satan is worth listening to. The vocals are really obscure and evil sounding, with a lot of echo on it. This album reminds me a lot of Gorgoroth’s "Destroyer", Darkthrone’s "Under A Funeral Moon" and Carpathian Forest’s "Black Shining Leather"
Black Metal fans who are sick of all the commercial, sell-out releases of the past 10-15 years and long for the old days will find this album a relief.
Neetzach - The servants of Satan
75/1001Details sublife productions
Released on Tuesday Jun 6th, 2006
Black Metal

Writer @Semen on Monday Jun 26th, 2006

Tags: #Neetzach
Tracklisting 1. Reign of terror
2. The glorious days are over
3. Tartaros (Sworn)
4. Belial
5. The demon that opened my grave
6. Quill of Cain
7. True servants of Satan
Line up Gidim Xul: guitar, vocals, bass, lyrics
Dirge Rep: guitar, vocals, bass, lyrics
Vrangsinn: guitar, vocals, bass

(info sheet doesn\'t say who the drummer is, probably Dirge Rep, he used to drum for Enslaved and Gehenna)