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Kiuas - Reformation
The Finland based metalheads from Kiuas resides on the famous Spinefarm label in Finland. They signed with Spinefarm in the fall of 2004 and released their first full-length album in 2005 called The Spirit Of Ukko. Almost one year later the second full-length album, Reformation is released.
The latest record of Kiuas starts with ‘Race With The Falcons’, which gives you immediately the impression that this is not a standard metal band with the ditto music. Kiuas is a band that likes to explore the boundaries of metal. Of course every song is oriented by the somewhat thrashy guitar riffs but after that the music can go in several ways.
In ‘Race With The Falcons’ and ‘Through The Ice Age’, Kiuas looks a bit like Sonata Artica and ‘The New Chapter’ could have been on a Children Of Bodom album.
With ‘Child Of Cimmeria’, Kiuas has a nice moment of peace in the middle of the album. After this it’s further with the sixth song on Reformation called ‘Black Winged Goddess’ which in a way looks a bit like Dimmu Borgir. During the rest of the album it’s clear that Kiuas exits of great musicians. In every song the music is played really tight especially the drums and the guitar parts are a must for your ears.
On the contrary, the vocals are not always as good. In a song like ‘Race With The Falcons’ the vocals carry the song to another level, but with ‘Bleeding Strings’ the vocals practically destroy the song. The same story goes for the title track ‘Reformation’ where some lyrics are spoken and sometimes sung in a Jon Olivia kind of way.
Although sometimes the vocals are not always as good, Kiuas did deliver a great quality metal album. The variety of styles that are combined in this album and the great music makes Reformation an album that at least deserves a view turns in your CD player, and makes Kiuas a name to remember.
Kiuas - Reformation
85/1001Details Spinefarm Records
Released on Tuesday Jun 27th, 2006
Melodic Metal

Writer @Niamen on Tuesday Jun 27th, 2006

Tags: #Kiuas
Tracklisting 1. Race With The Falcons (4:48)
2. Through The Ice Age (3:58)
3. The New Chapter (4:25)
4. Of Ancient Wounds (3:33)
5. Child Of Cimmeria (1:06)
6. Black Winged Goddess (5:21)
7. Heart Of The Serpent (4:58)
8. Bleeding Strings (5:50)
9. Call Of The Horns (3:41)
10. Reformation (wrath Of The Old Gods) (6:12)
Line up Ilja Jalkanen - Vocals
Mikko Salovaara - Guitars
Atte Tanskanen - Keys
Teemu Tuominen - Bass
Markku N´┐Żreneva - Drums