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When Tigers Fight - Ghost Story
The hardcore music has not fascinated me for that long, but I fully understand now what the scene is about, and more importantly what good hardcore is all about. Even though there are some things about the scene that are just plain whack, I love the violence and the pride about it, and if those two things are in a hardcore band I like it. Let’s see if When Tigers Fight possesses those assets.
Well the lyrics are very hardcore, handling subjects like betrayal, hate, pride and revenge, typical mosh lyrics. It is all accompanied by a mixture of hardcore related styles, varying from rock ‘n roll to punk spiced up with a hint of straight up rock and metal. The voice supporting this is quite harsh, but very hardcore in a old-skool kind of way. So no Jamie Jasta grunts and screams here.
In average When Tigers Fight (cool name by the way) have created a nice record with some good songs on it. There are some songs that are obviously way better to me than others, I really dig the rock ‘n roll stuff (like the first track ‘All That’s Left’ and the titletrack ‘Ghost Story’), but I  kind of dislike the punkrock stuff. Another track that caught my attention is ‘No Way’, which somehow reminds me of Foo Fighters. Their sound is quite mainstream hardcore focused, so the songs do stand for some easy listening. Add a good production to make everything even more comfortable and you’ve got yourself almost thirty minutes of nice music.
There’s not much more to say I guess, if you’re a hardcore kid with an open mind (oeh, tough one) check this stuff out. Otherwise, stick to your Madball and Cro-Mags.
When Tigers Fight - Ghost Story
70/1001Details Indecision Records
Released on Tuesday Jun 20th, 2006

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Jun 29th, 2006

Tags: #When Tigers Fight
Tracklisting 1. All That’s Left
2. After All This Time
3. Family Ties
4. No Way
5. Harmony Caf´┐Ż
6. Ghost Story
7. I Can’t Go On
8. Hung Jury
9. Keep Talkin
10. Blood Soaked Hands
11. Fuck Your Fear
12. Sound The Alarm
Line up Mike McTernan – vocals
Jonathan Dennison – guitar
Ken Olden – guitar
Scott Andrews – bass
Jarrod Alexander – drums