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Valient Thorr - Legends Of The World
Lately I’m beginning to understand the power of simplicity more and more, in musical styles as good clean rock, hardcore, and the almighty rock ‘n roll. So occasionally I want to check a rock ‘n roll record out, to see if it’s still hanging in there. Let’s see what Valient Thorr has for us.

Well, the rock ‘n roll is practically dripping from this disc. Resurrecting ancient heroes like Thin Lizzy and Lynard Skynard these guys sound like a rowdy bunch. There definitely are some riffs and loads of guitar licks that might get me going, especially after a keg of beer, but there also are a lot that don’t get to me at all. You could say that I like the old-skool rock parts, but I don’t like the stuff that tends towards the punkrock section.
In average some nice songs are being spewed out of my speakers, but again I have to say that not everything is in order here. Like I said, some stuff really gets to me, and some stuff just really doesn’t cut it. That goes for small parts of the songs as well as entire songs.
To me this album sounds too honest. Make it dirtier, make it sound like beer, dancing and loose hair. I can follow everything perfectly, which is a good thing to have usually, but for me it takes out the real rock ‘n roll feeling a bit, and that’s a real pity. So yeah there is a good production on this disc, but for me that doesn’t help.
Another thing that irritates me occasionally is the sound of the vocalist. He has whining undertone here and there, just like I feel like with Anthony from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. But that could be very personal I guess.
Overall I have no clue what to think of this disc. It has good sides and bad sides, but I can’t really say it sucks because it doesn’t. And I can’t say it’s great either, because then it would end up in my collection. So if you’re into rock ‘n roll, go listen for yourself.
Valient Thorr - Legends Of The World
63/1001Details Volcom Entertainment
Released on Tuesday Jul 11th, 2006
rock \\\'n roll

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Jul 6th, 2006

Tags: #Valient Thorr
Tracklisting 1. Heatseeker
2. Rezerection
3. Exit Strategy
4. Lime Green Net
5. Stormstris
6. Goveruptcy
7. False Profits
8. Triceratops
9. Fall Of Pangea
10. Problem Solver
11. Con Science
12. Har Megiddo
Line up Valient Himself- vocals
Eidan Thorr- guitars
Dr. Professor Nitewolf Strangees- Bass
Odinn Thorr- guitars
Lucian Thorr- percussion