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Adam West - Longshot Songs For Broke Players
I chose to review this disc because of this band’s name, because I love ridiculous bandnames. For those who don’t know who Adam West is (shame on you!), it is the actor who played the original Batman and that stuff is hilarious if you watch it now. Believe me, I watched that movie recently and I’ve never laughed so hard, I thought I was gonna die right then and there. All that being said, will this band who dare to name themselves after such a great legend deliver to my expectations? Lets find out!
Well, this disc actually contains no new tracks. It appears that Adam West is quite fond of releasing loads and loads of 7 inches, albums and compilation albums, so there are a lot of tracks that are quite hard to get for the true fans. So they decided to put all the tracks they released between 2001 and 2004 on this album. Good solution I’d say.
But what kind of music does this superhero make? Some gear grinding, beer farting, head butting, vomit throwing rock ‘n fucking roll!!! And while most rock ‘n roll is pretty monotonous, this four-piece manages to apply quite some variation in their songs. Of course you hear a lot of old stuff, like Black Sabbath, The Misfits, Kiss (of whom they cover “Deuce”) and some more. But they also like to do some newer stuff, toying around with some good punkrock and some country even. And just wait until you hear the last track, that ain’t got shit to do with rock ‘n roll, but it’s funny nonetheless. Vocally I was quite surprised. The variation he pulls of is impressive for a band in this genre. High pitched, low pitched, countryrock delays, harsh, clean, this guy pulls it all of.

Although the album irritated me within seconds when I put it in my cd-player the first couple of times, I can dig it now. Give me a case of beer and these guys live and I’m a happy man. Just don’t let me listen to it every day. But the average rock ‘n rolling punkhead will surely become attached to it like Tommy Lee is attached to beating up Pamela.
Adam West - Longshot Songs For Broke Players
72/1001Details People Like You Records
Released on Monday Jul 17th, 2006
rock \'n roll

Writer @DemonDust on Sunday Jul 23rd, 2006

Tags: #Adam West
Tracklisting 1. Thora\'s Hammer
2. Ferrytale
3. Gangland
4. Christmas with the Devil
5. Have Love Will Travel (Live)
6. 1970 (Live)
7. We\'ve Got Cake
8. Paint It Brown
9. I Left as a Lamb (But I\'ll Return as a Lion)
10. We\'re Inside
11. Go on Girl
12. Sixth Son of a Seventh Son
13. You Can\'t Stop Rock-N-Roll
14. In the Back of My Hearse (7\" version)
15. Find It!
16. Deuce
17. I Stole Your Love
18. Live for the Day
19. Erotic Neurotic
20. Where Eagles Dare
21. Flower, Fist and Bestial Wail (7\" version)
22. Beltway to My Heart (Beltway to the Starr)
23. Down in Flames
24. Special Secret Song Inside
Line up Jake Starr - throat
Dan-o Deckelmann - guitar
Steve - bass & vocals
Jim Sciubba - drums