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Flaying - Commandments - Violated
Hell yeah, finally I received a promising and talented death metal promo again. Since there’s so much shit coming out lately I’m very happy when something good comes along. And this five-piece dubbed Flaying hails from Latvia, who would have guessed that they make metal there as well!
The style these longhaired dudes make is brutal technical death/grind. And I like that. The band has some own original twists to it, doesn’t keep doing the same thing for too long and is in the possession of some good vocals. High speed riffing and blasting isn’t all to uncommon, but a brutal breakdown here and there or some mid-tempo moshing are present as well.
They play in the style of  bands like Suffocation, Cryptopsy and Dying Fetus according to their bio, and I agree to that fully. Although they might kid around a bit more with rhythmic tricks occasionally, but that only makes it better for me.
That is about all I have to say about them. I could bore you with the facts that they have had a different guitar player and vocalist in the past, and that they’ve played with bands like Impaled Nazarene, Vader, Cannibal Corpse and Dismember before even releasing anything (yes this is their first release), to emphasize how talented they are, but one must find out for him- or herself. Death metalheads keep your eyes open for this one.
PS. If you’re in for a good laugh, check out their bio! The point is made, but the way in which it is written…?
Flaying - Commandments - Violated
82/1001Details Epidemie Records
Released on Friday Jun 2nd, 2006
death metal/grindcore

Writer @DemonDust on Sunday Jul 23rd, 2006

Tags: #Flaying
Tracklisting 1. No Life For You
2. The Fallen Ones
3. Sacramental Masturbation
4. Myxu (Flies)
5. Devouring Reality
6. Revenge From Asylum
7. Butcher\'s Family
8. Maniacal Depressive Psychosis
9. Injection
10. 45 seconds
Line up Viktor - guitar
Karlis - bass
Evgenij - drums
Viesturs - guitar
Janis - vocals