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Klutae - Hit 'n' Run
As Claus Larsen previously returned with his project Leather Strip, he has now finished a new album for his other project Klutae. According to the bio, this project has a more aggressive approach contrary to his other band, and it wont dissapoint fans of Ministry. Well, that band has just released a devastating album, lets see if Klutae can compete with that.
The answer is very easy, NO! I found a different word in the bio that describes the style of Klutae perfectly, aggro-electro. Not industrial metal at all. Industrial rock I could have lived with perhaps, but there is no metal here man.
The music reminds me a lot of the Dutch band Reel that I reviewed earlier this year, only I like this slightly better. But the biggest problem I had with that band appears with this one too, the vocals. They just suck. But this guy makes up for it a bit by having funny lyrics. You can conclude that from the song titles already, for instance ‘I’m A Fat Faggot In A Leather Jacket’, ‘Fuck-A-Billy’ and ‘Hey Didn’t You Destroy Me’ indicate that Claus isn’t all that serious about his music. But there are also the more darker subjects in tracks like ‘We Are Sinners (We Will All Burn In Hell)’ and ‘Please Don’t Cry’.
So the music is a mix of rocking dance with a lot of electro and a bit of darkwave and industrial I guess, and what song do you cover when you’re in that genre? Exactly, ‘Blue Monday’ from New Order. Too bad that I already own the album and live version of Orgy’s cover of that song, and I like that better. This one is a bit more spacey.
Well all in all I do hear some pretty good music, but it starts to bore me pretty quickly, and the vocals agitate me like hell after two tracks already. Alternative dancers might get into this, but not me. I rather give Hellfish another spin, hehehe…
Klutae - Hit 'n' Run
64/1001Details Alfa Matrix
Released on Friday Apr 28th, 2006

Writer @DemonDust on Friday Jul 28th, 2006

Tags: #Klutae
Tracklisting 01. burnout biker
02. dirty bitch
03. we are sinners (we will all burn in hell)
04. monkey say - monkey do
05. i\'m a fat faggot in a leather jacket
06. blue Monday (New Order cover)
07. please don’t cry
08. god bless you
09. no more suffering
10. desert storm 2006
11. fuck-a-billy
12. god spoke through a burning bush
13. hey didn’t you destroy me
14. circus of death
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